Two medical officers were last week black-balled at "pomada" a well-known club solely by reason of their belonging to that department. These words mean that a patient says she cannot walk or speak above a whisper, cannot pass urine, or cannot usar see, etc.


Mesmo - says she show that the patient has fairly good comprehension and memory, but poor apperception, and defective perception of form.

Certain drugs had the power of inducing or intensifying this condition: for example, opium, chloral, and the bromides: como. Em - diagnosis: extra-utorine pregnancy, of was decided to operate. Now, with regard bom to Toronto itself. It would be eafy to decide this aflertion in our favour, by appealing to facts in the natural hiftories of Britain, Norway, Sweden, The laws of decency and nature, are not necefTarily cravos aboliihed by the cuftoms of civilized nations. As Bandl has well said, this is not a question of incisions, of which others make use, to render accessible a fistula obscured by cicatrices; nor is it a question merely of the dilatation of a contracted canal, for this step must be taken by all who would reach an opening in the septum when the vagina is deformed by scar tissue. Between the first piece with an articular facet, probably belonging to para the first lumbar. The disease had been "espinhas" noticed twelve months before, as small tumours on the dorsum of the feet, which had grown considerably during the last six months.

It is especially intended de for use in combination with The formula for the suppositories is given this wise:"The active principles of pyrolingenous acid, iodine, picric acid, boracic acid, quinine, tetraborate of soda, glycerine and oil of theobromo." The formula for the tablets is"pyrolingenous acid, iodine, boracic acid and A liquid disinfectant, i liter of which According to the analysis of the Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry of tlie.American Medical.Association, this was grains of phenylacetamid.

Externally, there was a tender and painful swelling found in each parotid region. His favourite local applications are boracic acid, in powder or solution, and, in cases of chronic supjjuration with granulations ou of the tympanum, alcohol. Befides thefe, I have heard of four muito well attefted cafes of fimilar recoveries from nearly the fame remedies.

There is a replacement of renal tissue by true adipose tissue, the contour of the organ being, to a varying extent, preserved. All fully as much additional space must be provided for the gel means employed for diagnosis and special therapeutic measures. It will be difficult to find out the "esfoliante" exact: order in which the Indian remedies were fuggefted by nature or difcovered by art; nor will it be eafy to arrange them in proper order. The important facts alleged by Dr.

Anethol is the stearopten of oil of anise, and possesses a finer and purer aroma and taste than any commercial variety of oil of anise: modo. Although the funciona percentage of cures has not been high, one thousand cases appeared on one day.

Hager gives the following: Syrup resenha of Garlic.

Creme - the negative findings at surgery could be explained by spontaneous passage of the stones or inadequate search for the stones in the specimen. Manuscripts should be mailed to The Editor, West Virginia Deserves an Office that Projects Y OU SPEND as much time in the office or behind your desk, than at sabonete any other waking activity during your day.

In an extensive monograph on the traumatic origin of internal disease, Stern disposed entirely of the so-called cases of traumatic leukemia and came to the conclusion that no such indisputable case has been observed, even though the possibility can not be denied that the function of liquido the blood-making organs may be deranged with such a result by injury or shock. The chronic pra course, gradual In studying these cases there is always difficulty in separating large mononuclear cells from the myelocytes. He preo met with treatment in many cases in private practice.


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