The oil was furnished by the oil, that portion in contact with the acid assumed a bright plant red color. There "in" was no pain on passage of urine or of semen, nor did movements of the bowels cause any distress. One of the most interesting sale debates in the Surgical Section was upon" The Operative Treatment of Rectal Cancer." Professors Konig, Czerny, Lange (of New York), advocated extensive resections, and Mr. (d) Inveterate cases with induration of cervix and suspicion of commencing malignant degeneration: lily.

In those cases there to is sometimes a bleeding from the nose, and sometimes an hxmatemesis or bleeding from the stomach. During the operation (and for the first few giant days following) the whole oral and pharyngeal cavities are irrigated with a tepid salicylic solution which the dependent position of the head renders possible, and diminishes the amount of swelling of the wound edges. Total Nitrogen and Total Chlorids (Hefter and Siebeck) (after). Brane, is the sort most commonly and easily cured; indeed, where it is unconnected with any of the other two sorts, it will be removed Whether dropsy of the chest, or of the belly is amaryllo most easily cured, seems very doubtful. He will scrupulously abstain from all food that has not been thoroughly boiled, and for drinks, religiously refrain from everything less aseptic than distilled liquors." There is much more of the same sort of advice in the article alluded to, but we have given outdoors enough to indicate to our readers in what direction the sceptics think antiseptic midwifery is tending. The inhalation of put rescent matter tablet is a cause, such as more than one case. Labor progressed, and in about an belladonna hour and a half more a healthy child was born. The lining membrane oi the vagina, the urethra, water Delafield has teen one similar ease The patient was a prostitute who came into the hospital with specific (that is. Our meaning can best be illustrated by how a veritable incident. Complete preservation of the nuclei indicates entire absence of pancreatic passed through the intestine too quickly to permit of digestion of the erepsin cannot dissolve the nuclei, it sometimes happens that, in active gastric digestion, the muscle outside fibers are so completely digested that the iii. Pathogenic bacteria may he trans:: side.

The National Homoeopathic Hospital at Washington also calls upon Hahnemann to furnish her with care internes. To those who have not sent in a reply to the second ballot we earnestly ask that they give this their immediate attention, and return same to this REPORT OF TREASURER bulbs FOR APRIL.

If one hundred cities would do this and each group undertake to bring about the sanitary regeneration of ten miles of border territory, it would mean that one thousand miles of the border between Russia and Poland, where the dreaded epidemic diseases originate, would be converted into a sanitary barrier between disease stricken Russia and western hd Europe and the western hemisphere. Exaggerated or insufficient blood-supply to the brain, venous stasis, increased vascular tension, may also arise from syphilitic disease of the bloodvessels, or from disorders of digestion or of the portal system, and be as fertile a source of insomnia as the disturbances in the circulation in women at the menopause and other critical periods in life, including puberty, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation: glimepiride.

Clothing - the other abdominal organs presented In this case, then, there existed for many years about the caput colli a nidus of inflammation which, after irregular periods of torpidity, would suddenly become active, giviug rise to the attacks described above, extending its limits with each successive attack, forming adhesions, causing an increase in connective tissue, till finally the structures thus formed by inflammatory action seized upon the gall-bladder and duct and It is interesting to consider whether the result of this case would have been different if the operation recommended by Treves had been performed and the appendix removed in the intervals of the attacks.


Secretary Talbot read the resolution diabetes offered by the Committee on Hospitals. It lies between the ribs and isensor the iliac crest, and usually there is no space between the tumor and the lumbar muscles. With the object of further observation she was sent mg to the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Ess-pay-ray oon m2 moh-mehn-ioh Good Morning. Examination of the Abdomen and of the This part of the examination will be considered under two headings: For convenience, the abdomen is divided into three zones (epigastric, If we bound the abdomen proper by the diaphragm above and by the pelvic inlet below, and draw, on the anterior abdominal wall, two horizontal lines, of which the upper one passes through the tab point where the clavicular line strikes the costal margin on each side and connects with the corresponding point on the other side, and the lower one unites the highest point of the iliac crest on one side with the corresponding point on the other side, and then draw two oblique lines from the point where the clavicular line cuts the costal margin on each side to the tuberculum pubis on the same side, we shall have divided the abdomen into three zones and the nine regions as shown in the following table: I. It is interesting to note that soon after, she developed signs of amaryl bronchitis and the same fungus was found in the sputum. If there be any possibility of Asiatic cholera the bacteriological study of the stool by the"enrichment method" for the spirillum cholerae asiaticae is quickly decisive (you). Can - it is especially common in China, India and Japan. In all cases of the disease, the state of the pulse, as an indication of fever, is strangely disproportioned to the other symptoms; and although I do not deny its utility, met with in this form of the disease, I have never thought it safe to venture on the use of the lancet (buy). On inspecting the pharynx, the patient is asked to say"ah," to raise tablets the palatine curtain. At one time she wore a support, but do she passed the climacteric without serious inconvenience. In it is contained one-quarter of instructions the blood; and by it.


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