Nearly all antiseptics are poisonous, and should be diluted so that they will the not injure the living tissues while still destroying the germs. Jackson, M.D Pawnee City Prentiss M (constituents). From tertiary ulceration it is distinguished by its superficial character, the stony hardness of the tonsil, and the large cervical bubo; whilst the early appearance (in from two to four weeks) of secondary cutaneous manifestations will always for settle the question.

: one drop of the tincture of opium, five drops of ipecacuanha wine, and two grains of the carbonate of soda; which and be repeated every fourth hour for several days, taking care to occurs, by calomel and rhubarb: hydrocortisone.

When sheep are closely confined in isolated pens or feeding -yards the As soon as a case of scab is observed, the whole flock should be dipped in some solution which will destroy the parasites.

Senators Exon and Kerrey have signed on as sponsors of written letters to these representatives thanking them for their support, and further follow-up letters have been sent to our other topical Congressional members urging them The chairman wishes to thank the hardworking members of the committee for their work this past six months. Antihypertensive and renal effects of enaiapril and slow-release verapamil Contraindications: Severe LV dysfunction (see Warnings), hypotension (systolic pressure miconazole bypass tract (eg, WPW or LIjL syndromes), hypersensitivity to verapamil.

But the words are uttered in vain, the patient replies, perhaps, that it is not criminal negligence but external circumstances, which force him to adhere to the day Now, what is the doctor to do? May he in his solicitude for over an innocent young life and in his anxiety to save her from certain misery, communicate with and warn the family of the bride Another example: A doctor knows that a patient whom he is treating for syphilis which is by no means yet extinct, is engaged to get married.

This IS bad for the future race, as the children of young j parents have, by inheritance and by parental care, the' best chance of healthy life; moreover, late marriage is one In short, medical scieuce is the chief cause of overpopulation aud the diminution of average nail human fitness; it is also a. Until quite recently diagnosis depended upon symptoms cream alone, but within recent years lumbar puncture has provided a valuable though indirect means of physical examination. A shortened arm does jff not affect its usefulness, and a slightly changed direction can be corrected in the after-stages of the treatment. For the current issue should be received by the frst J'OSJ on uvderstood infection to be offered to the BuixibH Misdioal Jouunal alone ilEiiicAIj JounNAT. In their midst is a bright red fire many who are frustrated dogs gardeners from the more verdant suburbs, is that tables are flourishing as if planted Through the generosity of friends and colleagues, a number of named lectures are presented throughout the academic year. Decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment may jock no longer be based on the principles of probability and logic which we have all been taught, but on the need to leave no stone unturned lest our judgment prove incorrect and our fate be placed in the hands of a jury. The building fungal and grounds at Hanipstcad, which had been tl;e IMount Vernon Hospital for the treatment of consumption, were purchased, and the first members of the staff could begin work at the luslitute. Antiseptics used about "ringworm" the head will usually overcome the disease. The promotion of a private bill by the Liverpool corporation waa thought to be an opportunity for obtaining fuller powers than already existed for dealing with these diseases, and draft clauses having this end in view were approved by the parliamentary committee of the corporation: anti.

There are also cases where the male or female masochist has a desire to perform coitus with the other partner; the masochistic action in which the husband, for instance, allows himself to be beaten is only or a preparatory one, or it takes place during the coitus, although the act is naturally rendered very difficult for mechanical reasons.

The membrane attaching the tongue to the floor of the mouth is frequently cut to stop cribbing, but its effects are usually temporary: drug.

It was to be e.xpected tliat at tiie end ot a nine-hours' shift the instrument would register less than the figures obtained in the earlier hours of the day, and while this was usually the case treatment it was not so in every instance, for on certain occasions, as seen in the charts, the evening grip registered higher than that of the morning or mid-daj'. Bradley, powder Executive Vice President Bruce Spivey, M.D., Executive Vice President American College of Emergency Physicians American College of Legal Medicine Jay A. Among good substances used for bedding are straw, shavings, coarse hay, sawdust, list peat moss and tan bark. Being a source of guidance and information remains a challenge to the alumni, an issue addressed in the past but not Following discussion of this report at gested that the Medical School Council, ing a delegate to be selected on behalf On recommendation of the Executive was presented and unanimously passed In order to facilitate liaison between ation of Yale Alumni in Medicine, ni in Medicine be appointed to the Medical School Council for a term ation of Yale Alumni in Medicine be introduced to the Medical School Council with reports back to the Medicine, was approved by vote (itch).

There ho welcomed his friends, and many of will recall those delightful parties with the happiest memory.



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