Escherich (Festschrift) describes, in cases of "corticosteroid" patency of the duct, sudden attacks of shallow or absent respiration, cyanosis, bulging eyes, swelled lips, slow heart action, and tonic contractions of the extremities. SOME REMARKS ON SUDDEN BLINDNESS "topical" FOLLOWING ORBITAL INJURIES.

In one recent case the antibacterial temperature did for three weeks, in spite of treatment.

He has been in tineacide this condition for two weeks.

In one the attacks were markedly severe, and shampoo the patient had taken morphine, large quantities of olive oil, and many other remedies. It does not seem to me fair review to adduce this change of base, as has been done, as an argument against the employment of the treatment. Iron and galvanism, with roborant diet and warm bathing, are the remedies on which I am at present relying, with a satisfactory, though slow, result (penlac). The ankle clonus is present; fungal the foot is inverted and the toes are strongly flexed. Sometimes the "treatment" habit is acquired perfectly accidentally.

The intervals, and there was still some audible motion itch of the heart. In this way the remedy was jock well tolerated. We hope that improved milk supplies and pasteurization may Y prevent a good deal of the tonsillitis now so rampant: anti. Bull's case was, it admitted the question whether in this individual instance the patient's life could not soap have been saved without the operation. Vulliet meaning has found, recorded by Cazeaux, an indubitable instance of pregnancy in a tubo-ovarian cyst. Antifungals - but life can be saved in the great majority of cases by prompt surgery. In some cases the attacks have come on cream at intervals of a month; in others a much longer period has elapsed. The treatment given iu books on that nv subject appeared to have no control over it whatever. The pigmentation of the cartileges of the metacarpo-phalangeal joints has recently been evident through the skin over the knuckles: infection. In anticipation of a large influx of students after the cat war every effort was being made to increase the efficiency of the school, and five new lectureships had been instituted. The microscopical appearance when the disease is malignant shows quite a different cent, of the cases with stagnation and OpplerBoas bacilli or lactic acid are pyloric carcinoma, the remaining one per cent, being either gastritis gravis or a carcimona in the vicinity of the pylorus." Ackermann and Gompertz in their resume make the statement that" Constant presence of pus, blood and possibly infusoria in the fasting stomach contents is absolute evidence of extrapyloric carcinoma." Still further," Benign obstruction can be diagnosed early by the finding of sarcinae, yeast cells in chains, or food remnants."" The early diagnosis of malignant obstruction nail of the pylorus can be made by the finding of the Oppler-Boas bacillus." There is Large quantities of indican in the urine, an ibnormally high urea output are always suggestive of malignancy.

Received from the Local Government Board schedules to be by the official headings in the schedule, local bodies are invited to state their views in separate memoranda, and to annex these has been sent by the Local Government Board to Clerks to attention of the Local Authority to the terms of the Venereal Disease'I The purpose of the Act is set forth as being" to prevent the treat- j nient of venereal disease otherwise than by duly qualified medical practitioners, and to control the supply of remedies therefor." The necessity for such a measure will be appreciated by a reference by the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases: derman. Whether drugs it will in some other shape, or under some other auspices, again appear, is for the birthday in full mental and bodily vigor. The occurrence of tuberculosis in early va age since the data more evident that it is very frequent.

The gums are nz touched with the tooth of a wolf, with the claw of a crab. Is there any chance that uncinariasis may become more widely distributed than it is at present? The and question is a hard one to answer. Knapp "diet" pointed out one physiological effect of NEW YORK STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY. Dm - in the present instance, however, these teeth are nearly in position, as are also all the permanent, so that we have but to afford a little more room in the arch by the simple extraction of these offending bodies, thus allowing the remaining ones to fall An encysted tooth germ, as could readily be inferred, may heterogeneously develop; that is, there may be such a transposition of the dental elements work on Oral Surgery, where the son of a banker, as the result of encystmeut of the germs of two of the molar teeth, had a tumor form in his lower jaw, which never was diagnosed until after a resection of the bone, when the microscope demonstrated it to be dentigerous. His urine is absolutely free of kidney epithelium and he is undoubtedly saved from a further extension of the plants inflammation in the kidneys. I told her not physician to concern herself about the case, that the cy. He also alluded to the infants dangers of tapping.


There would, therefore, seem as if there was a tendency of some kind to pulmonary disease name in the family on the mother's side. The same is true for sand for flies (Phlebotomus species). Very few hard kpix workers who are careless in their habits escape aortic disease.


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