When first "leku" seen she was of ana'.iuic appearance. In such case we speak of a polymorphous heredity, an example of which we often see plainly in mental diseases of a hereditary nature.

The most important fact to be noted is the appearance of small quantities of albumen in the urine, which is now more copious than it was a month ago; few hyaline and granular tube casts. Idiots neither learn to speak nor to walk so soon as ordinary children; nor, as a general rule, are they able at so early an age to commence to work. Freitnd has communicated to me a case not hitherto published which he has observed in a primipara hyperemesis. With the accumulation in the chorion of numerous epitheloid cells, among which sometimes some giant cells may be found (uboczne). En nuestra misma opoca bemos visto el anuncio de la generalizacion,nas graudiosa que ba formado el entendimiento liumano, eu este siglo recibido con un desbordamiento de escepticismo intelectual y de intolerancia relrgiosa que demuestra que las antiguas fuerzas contra pensamientos y las conversacioues del nuindo, asi conio en la eusenanza de las iglesias, puede decirse que constituyen el triunfo intelectual Si el j)rogreso real de la medicina fue lento eu Europa durante los podfMiios tener quqja al;xuiia contra los prinieros colon iziulorcs de las sus lieroicos esfuerzos para conquistar este vasto territorio, ocuparse la Universidad efekty de Mejico, y sin embargo no se ensePio la medicina en En la America del Norte, annqne el Colcp;io de ITnrvard fne fnndndo Unidos. The officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the ambulance corps, or such persons as may be specially assigned, by competent military authority, to duty with the ambulance corps for the occasion, shall be permitted odchudzanie to take or accompany sick or wounded men to the rear, either on the march or upon the field of battle. B., to be surgeon of the regiment on foot, whereof is Colonel, raised by the Congress aforesaid, for the defence of said Colony. Writing of the highly improper circus methods with which the scientific demonstrations of a great and dignified surgeon like Professor Lorenz were recently blazoned abroad, the Post- cena graduate for January says that an attempt was made to exclude reporters from the operating room of the Post-graduate clinic, and was not insisted on only in consequence of the fact that reporters had been admitted to all the other hospital demonstrations.


Illustrated Edited by William Thomson, M. Sorts will tabletki be required to pass an examination before the State Board of Medical Examiners. Two years and a half, had been suffering for a week with a croupy cough and forum stertorous respiration at times.

Gerster;' Proceedings of the Charaka Club (opinie). Coroners' physicians are to be termed"medical examiners." There are to be six for Manhattan, four for Brooklyn, three for Queens and two each for Bronx and aptece Richmond. , corrosive sublimate in intestinal Hamilton, Dr. The intestinal bacteria can penetrate the macroscopically intact intestinal wall and skutki gain the mesenteric lymph glands. The term"idiot" is often wrongfully used in the same sense, although the idiot properly is the lowest grade of the feeble-minded, incapable of intelligent communication, able to give little or no care to his person, ungainly in his movements if he move at all, living for the most part a merely vegetative existence. In like manner the after paralysis is shown rather by weakened power (paresis), than by actual paralysis, and the patient often is able to perform all the usual movements, but in a weakened and imperfect way; this is explained either by the action of associated muscles supplied by other nerves, or by communicating filaments joining the injured nerve beyond the point of section. Aiken recorded his admission to the Depot Hospital of the Second Corps with"compound as follows: The wound was produced by a minie ball, causing a compound comminuted fracture of the tibia and oblique fracture of the fibula at the middle third of the leg (amazon). Considering that the ubiquity of the bacillus has been disproved it should, theoretically speaking, be possible to avoid infection. The elasticity of the rub ber bands keeps the bed in con stant vibration while the car is plain online of reclining on what they cars to be hereafter described. The soldiers upon admission are to be supplied free of any expense to the Institution, with bedding, provisions, firewood and all other by Dr. Tidd reports the case of a young woman, in the ninth month of pregnancy, who had not urinated for twenty- four hours, as a result of which the bladder was enormously distended. According to the patient s statement he was wounded by a shell, which tore oft" the outside of the foot nearly up to the ankle (na). Spectacle Island was transferred to Gallop's Island, where it continues. It seems to us to be established beyond doubt that the children of tuberculous parents are not only very often of weakly constitution and ill developed like the children of parents suffering from any chronic disease, but that they possess a specific inclination to tuberculosis. Patient partook freely of milk, beef and chicken tea, and on two occasions, unknown to me, ate solid food in the shape of chicken and ham, so that the absence of vomiting could not be accounted for on the plea that the stomach and bowels were empty. General man was admitted to Slough Hospital, Alexandria, four days after receiving his wound (tablets). Meeting smaki then adjourned for lunch. I am aware that it would be impracticable to carry into effect all the matters suggested in this letter, in the Present State of the funds of our hospital, but the comfort of the mad people, and the reputation of the institution are inseparably connected with the immediate adoption of Some of them. Ditto of the ankle, with do i. To have more than seven years' service and to have extended their lek service to complete twelve years' army service.


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