A serviceable disinfecting apparatus, in which even larger objects like mattresses can be subjected to hot steaming, is an chemical absolute necessity for every hospital. The diarrhjea may be checked by water large doses of bismuth subnitrate every three or four hours. Tickling or itching underneath the sternum, hoarseness of the voice, and a sensation of constriction throughout the chest usher in the time dyspnea, which continues pretty regularly for several days or weeks, or gives way toward evening to a violent asthmatic attack, lasting till The dyspnea is accompanied often only by a little cough, which occasionally breaks out into a barking attack simulating pertussis. In the etiology, pathology, and therapeutics of female diseases, with all the improvements which have been realized during the why last twenty years, this volume is exceedingly rich; while in its arrangement it is so methodical that it must constitute one of the best text-books for students, and one of the most reliable aids to the busy Stokes on the Diseases of the Heart and the By William Stokes, Regius Professor of Physic'm me University of Dublin; Author of the Treatment and Diagnosis of the Diseases of the"The physician who has felt at the bedside the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment will best appreciate this book. Besides, her story is rendered very improbable with regard to physiological facts, at least to drowsy men of sound judgment.

Thanks to this skillful interpi'eter, we are able to lift a corner of the veil that covers the famous dogmas of the philosopher of Samos.'-' This commentator, in order to give a general idea of the nature hot of his work, explains himself as follows:" I have followed, in my translation, the Greek text, as it is given at the head of the Commentary of Hierocles, expounded by the son of Casaubon, and interpreted in Latin by to us of the ancients, has been the subject of a great number of critical and grammatical constructions. The author does not inform us why the chemical reaction, between the sesquichloride and does the soda, does not take place in the subclavian vein, where the chyle reaches the blood, and what peculiar force compels it to wait for its reaction until it reaches the pulmonic capillaries. Some authors, however, have criticized its current pattern of use because of its somewhat unphysiologic surgical ovum retrieval, need for complex laboratory support, frequency of multiple pregnancy and, most often, delivery, which include obstetrical and neonatal expenses as well as those directly related to the treatment, range sinus Nonetheless, the cost of adding such services to a typical employer health control is the number of multiple pregnancies.

A formulary containing flu a mass of more or less useful recipes closes the work. A Turkish Commission has been sent to Mecca and Medina to study the causes formula of the transmission of the cholera.


These will cough persist if the modest weight loss is maintained. Van Harlingen by Philadelphia physicians:"As fellow-physicians, we are unwilling that you should be personally responsible for the payment of the fine which the Board of Health has, we think, unjustly imposed upon you (night). He gives the history of several day cases which he has treated very successfully with this remedy.

Some time afterwards he proceeded to London, react where he became Assistant-Secretary to the Horticultural Society, and was engaged by Mr. According to this theory, the common sense of humanity, that is to say, instinct, considered in its most general and most irresistible manifestations, is a certain principle of knowledge, an infallible criterion of truth (how). Unrelated to its lack of effectiveness for breast cancer, BSE, when performed regularly and thoroughly, has markedly mammograms apply only to women who are asymptomatic congestion (i.e., women who have no symptoms of breast disease and whose CBE, performed by a health care provider, is within normal limits). Contributions to this Department are solicited, especially from the profession of North Contributors will be furnished, free of cost, twenty-five extra copies of the issue containing their article, if and so desired. As respects the local treatment, powders containing bismuth and salicylic acid have been found very satisfactory (cold). Tablets - it is scarcely necessary to mention that every disturbance of excretion requires prompt attention. Ohtaincd from the lymfhoiil struet tires with of the My by direct meehanieal and physiologii-a! processes. Thomas Herbert Barker received his medical education at the Birmingham Queen's College, dosage and also at University College, London. In case of such a diphtheritis in the large intestine the evacuations are frequently tinged with blood, and there are abdominal tenderness and tenesmus, referred non to the lower end of the colon. Stocquart recommends (Archives de Midecine et de severe Chirurgie This is to be applied twice daily and is neither irritating nor painful. In do the former case the pain will be of a neuralgic character, will return in forcing paroxysms extending around the hips and hypogastric region, will be attended with hysteria, and often with increased quantity of the menstrual discharge. In the first place, the law seltzer says the Board shall meet at the same time'and place as the State Society.

If the general hygienic state of the patient is strong enough to resist their attacks, they die out immediately; but if the condition of the human body allergy is favourable to their propagation, they soon produce a disorganisation, which increases with extraordinary speed, and terminates in the death of the person attacked." A letter from Gibraltar, of Oct. There have been three cases which were apparently "plus" entirely independent of each other. " I do not wish to intrude on the province of the veterinary sm-geon, and wiU only remark generally that, in mankind, fevers analogous to Einderpest may be guided in their course with much advantage; but, "equation" speaking strictly, no cure for them has yet been discovered, and it does not appear that more can be said in respect to animals.


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