Notwithstanding these innumerable varieties, one may say, that all exhale a certain cadaverous smell, are softened, increase in bulk, acquire heat, change colour, assume a greenish, then a livid and dark-brown colour: there are at the same time, disengaged a great number of gaseous substances of which ammonia is the most remarkable, either from its quantity, or from being given out by animal substances from the moment when de composition begins to the period of the most complete dissolution This gas produces the pungent and putrid smell which exhales from Towards the termination of putrefaction, there is disengaged carbonic acid gass, which, combining with ammonia, forms a fixed and crystallizable salt.

Until within a few years the whole public instruction of the student was Hmited to an annual four months' course of lectures, and the number of instructors everywhere corresponded to the six or eight general departments into which medicine had been divided for centuries. He referred to the fact that the complement increased for a considerable time while the blood was left on the clot, and mentioned that in Birt's method it was necessary to leave the clot for at least six hours. Medical Association of New York City (Academy of Medicine); Medicolegal Society, New York; Northwestern Medical and side Surgical Society; Buffalo Medical Club; New Haven, Conn., Medical Association; New Jersey Academy of Medicine (Jersey City). In legislation like our own, which fluctuates with the wants and wishes of the people, it is very evident that a knowledge of rational precepts for the preservation of health, or, as they are technically called, tht laws of Hygeine, must be of paramount value to guide to the enactment of good laws. It was a pills case of motor aphasia without a single manifestation of sensory aphasia, still Wernicke's zone was found greatly involved. Douglass's opposition to inoculation brought when the small-pox appeared again, he had embraced inoculation, although with a best bad grace.

Candidates may present themselves for the Examination for this Degree after an interval of three academical years from the case of Candidates who shall have obtained a degree of the University in the Faculty of Arts, an interval of two academical Printed Forms of application for admission to this Examination may be had from" The Registrar, The National University of Candidates at this Examination must answer in the following of Smgical Instruments and Appliances. When diarrhoea first came on, the urine was highcolored and turbid, but at the date of entrj' into the Hospital it was normal. The next year he effects was a curator of the Academy, succeeding George W. Edgerton after It would be aljsurd, (;f coui-se, for me to generalize upon such slim data as my own cxjjeriencc of these cases has furnished, but in view of that of others will it not do at the present time, with all the facilities which modern surgical invention has furnished, to make excision, subject to certain preliminary precautions, the rule for the treatment of fibroid jjolypi, and let ligation be the exception? Will it not be safe to take, as general rules of practice, sometliing like the a core from it, or lacerate its capsule, applying ferri persulph. At this time the patient began to be greatly troubled with hiemorrhoids, and also had diarrhoea, both of which were with great difSculty relieved. Paracelsus, discarding the authority of Galen, attempted to establish chemical principles, some of which exist, at least in practice, to this In the next century (seventeenth) Henry, Sydenham, Boerhaave, Stahl, and Hoffman, in troduced new views, and various medical theo ries, which influenced considerably the prac In more recent times, Cullen, Darwin, Rush, and Broussais, have rendered themselves conspicuous by their medical doctrines, and each in his turn, has had his day of glory, which is have just mentioned, taught different doctrines, and their practice was governed accordingly One advocated general disease, another assert ed that all morbid affection arose from local irritation. Cragin had the entire charge of the was instrumental in the founding of the does gynecological department in. There was certainly no opisthotonos. Epidemiologic evidence, although incomplete, helps to evaluate health risks that are specific to agriculture. It is necessary that the ether should be applied continuously and in full measure. If the teeth are absent a somewhat higher shelf Albrecht, of Berlin, has lately devised detox a hook which is designed to obviate the necessity for the toothplate and shelf.


He died at his home in Ridley Township, work Information from Ewing Jordan. Doctor Brodhead said that the reason why he took up the use of the bag was because he had ruptured the membranes (a very undesirable complication) so frequently with the bougie (review). These studies and their practical application became widely known and the bromine treatment of hospital gangrene within, as well as outside, army circles became gen erally recognized as the most successful yet discovered. In two cases, internal podalic version was performed. Other were prominent in the care and training of the feeble-minded.

Under these circumstances, and considering the good health and youth of the patient, it was determined to make the attempt to save the jaw.

Two years ago he again had pleurisy, but this time it was a'Mry" pleurisy and he did not cent, of cases of pleurisy are tuberculous, one has strong reason for believing that his pleurisy was tuberculous, particularly since it was a recurrent pleurisy, and also because, so far as we have been able to learn from his history, there was no apparent cause for the pleurisy.

And here the question involuntarily obtrudes upon our notice; if the Lobelia is as poisonous and dangerous an article as some of the faculty would have us believe, how does it happen that fatal accidents do not occur from its use or abuse? Seeing it is used by thousands" so entirely at randon," and by persons professedly ignorant of medical skill as it is taught in the schools; yet it is a notorious fact, that not one well attested case can be produced wherein the Lobelia ever caused death, or even hastened that event; a circumstance of itself sufficient to silence forever, all the fine spun theoretical conjectures of its traducers, who are so valiantly contervding against its medical virtues in the absence of all personal experience of the- article in question.


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