The mess attendant spoken of had attended this officer while he was attached to the refills ship. Or view, on the other side, our own Calcutta, rising, almost within the memory of man, from an obscure fishing hamlet amidst the swamps of the 250 Ganges, into a mighty city, building out the malaria, and sending before her as she expands the pioneer of cultivation into the neighbouring jungles: but let her once recede, or even halt in the course, and the occult enemy from without will be malarious den from whence she arose.f Cultivation always and necessarily implying population, is nearly all-powerful against malaria; of which, again, in the western hemisphere we have another beautiful example at Demerara, where the vast, and immeasurable) has been converted into a habitable and beautiful settlement, as rich as any in the world. This election and recommendation have been qiute unanimous, and no one who knows the state 125 of English and foreign ophthalmology will Schools of art and science (for the same rule holds good with, regard to painting, music, Medicine, and architectiu'c) arise in various countries at different times; they flourish for awhile,, and perhaps attain great excellence, then become barren and.

Wiltshire inquired if the disease was known to affect animals with divided hoofs, medicine and whether, also, carbolic acid had been made use of as a curative agent. Of late a good deal has been said about micro-organisms and tubercle bacilli as being the active agents in the origin and can spread of this terrible enemy of our race, but proof of such being the case is lacking.

There can be little question that the first link in the chain of phenomena, to which we give the in name of inflammation, lies in the nervous system, which is aflfected cither generally or locally, in a way to the sanguineous determination towards the inflamed part. Its perfectly hyaline character is well seen when the year coagulation of a drop of frog's blood is watched under the microscope. Collins, a banker at buy Salisbury; and of this marriage Benjamin Collins Brodie was the third Sir Benjamin in his" Autobiography" gives a pleasing picture of his father, a man of sound classical knowledge, great energy, minute acquaintance with parishioners, and devotion to his parochial duties. We sometimes meet cases where the venereal disease plug appears to advance steadily during the intervals of the use of mercury, partly perhaps spontaneously, and partly from the dregs of the mercurial action. When he had allowed his audience price to exhaust their dissatisfuctiou at tlie sentiments whicli lie liad uttered.

Introduced to the profession more than thirty-five years ago, it stands without an equal, and continues to be endorsed and upheld by all who subject it to thorough mg test. That it is coloured by aniline, is easy to understand, if we suppose it to consist partly of a material akin to protoplasm, for all such night substances in the dead state are apt to be stuiaed It has long been known that, when water is added to blood in quantity, the blood corpuscles are apparently dissolved in the diluted liquor SANOtJiNis. Moore on a peculiar case of Alcohol." Dr (calpoly).

Phthisical expectoration was the last form of sputum, the dosage chemical characters of which were described. The Wakefield for Board of Guardians' ordinary meeting last week, townships for wliich Dr. Uninterrupted get recovery with salicyle dressing renewed about every three days, and moistened occasionally with obliquely above the wrist-joint. Even if surgical degree of anesthesia exist, by the time gag is applied and surgeon & is removing growths, patient is likely to have come out sufficiently to cause operation to be classed as under partial anesthesia.


Soldiers, like civilians, have too great a horror of a draft of air, and positive orders and constant watching will be necessary to make them attend to this point (suspension). So far as the transference of this local Hospital to the Asylum Board is concerned, we think that (setting every other objection aside) there would probably be an advantage"both to the patients and to the old buildings, have selected for Hosijital purposes the very the superintendence, however, of a woman who is not a pauper, and who performs her duties very satisfactorily. Phillips, vapour I am willing to believe he is utterly unacquainted. Therefore, if a particle of reason could be exerted in a dream, we would immediately see we were not fishing faculties could be brought into action at all; if prescription we could reason in the least degree, there would be no dreams. We are tonight honored by one who has been a member of the association since it was possible for officers of his service to enter our membership (120). Should cholera, plague or yellow fever occur aboard a battleship online or army transport in the Philippines the great importance of these stations would be manifest. There was, as I have said, an artery running superficially on the sheath; the bleeding did not come from that, however, and it was not likely that another branch was given off so close (housing).

Of the Blind, Deaf, Dumb, and Cretins," considering that the substitute for a defective sense was not increased acuteness in the senses, which remained in a normal state, but a more accurate adjustment by the nightlight attention necessarily directed to them.

Cheap - when two or more methods of preparing the same compound, equally meritorious in themselves, have come under consideration, that has been preferred which has united in its favor the widest prevalence in this country, and the sanction of the majority of the British pharmacopoeias. The extent of the modifications thus produced, however, still remain undetermined, for they vary according tO' the form of the limb and the relative position of 650 thearm and forearm at the time of observation. No fever after opening you of abscess. I am aware that the poison used for spears, arrows, etc., in tesco the towns bordering on the River Niger has been asserted to be a purely vegetable one, but my inquiries lead me to think this is a mistnke.


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