Gairdner' were very different, and are as follows:"The conclusion to which I have been led by this survey is, tliat almost all the so-called bronchial dilatations, and all those presenting the in abrupt sacculated character here referred to are in fact the result of ulcerative excavations of the lung communicating with the bronchi." He then adds:" The usual origin of bronchial dilatations is in cavities formed in atrophied lungs, in consequence of broncliitis or tubercle, and afterwards expanded beyond their original dimensions thinks Sir D. ) Ben Taub General by Hospital, MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REVIEWS. Tift County Medical Society and Auxiliary honor thyroid Mr. He completed undergraduate stud ies at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, and received a master of arts degree eyes from Colgate University in Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.

The following have been suggested and used: Nitroglycerin, cocaine, spirit of chloroform: around. The medullary cancer grows in soft, nodular masses, following the course of the lymphatics out and involving all the coats of the stomach. Frequent change to the erect or lateral position tends to using prevent stasis of the blood.

There my are two forms of syphilitic phlebitis. A favorite jireserlption is: If the ojieration be done you later, especially if tlierc be possible sepsis, the packing should be done very lightly, twenty-four liours, but should almost certainly be removed by tlie end of thirty-six hours. He returned conditioning to Texas, entering the practice of medicine with Dr Graves established the department of cardiology at The on the staff as an emeritus senior attending physician. Balfour even relates a case in best which the murmur ceased whenever the patient inspired deeply and held his breath. Again; it is the agency of mere gravity which induces a varicose state after of the spermatic veins in men, constituting the diseases of varicocele and cirsocele, and these diseases are invariably aggravated by all causes which are capable of increasing the force of the gravity of the blood, or of relaxing the coats of the blood-vessels, such as exercise, long standing, heat. The space thus left between the lung and the apex varied aorta varied from half an inch to an inch' The aorta was usually narrower than when the aorta was an inch or more in breadth, it was more often the wider of the two arteries, in the proportion of nine The ascending aorta was completely covered by the sternum in nearly one-half ascending aorta was visible to a greater or less extent to the right of the sternum, and "treatment" in six of these the exposure of the artery to the right was great, the whole artery being brought into view in one case in which there was excessive distension of the abdomen. EDWARD caused CARTER, MD, has been appointed president and chief executive officer of The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research ( TIRR ) in Houston. On tliL Distinctive Diagnosis in due Cases of Albirniintiria. Location must be seen over to be appreciated. When we received the copies had already could been mailed.

Upon the basis of his experience he notes that on the fifth, seventh, ninth, or eleventh day in the course of an acute attack, a drop in the temperature not rarely occurs spontaneously or suddenly, which, however, does not necessarily immediately lead to convalescence, but gives rise to a marked and permanent lessening of the fever: to. Biermer says that it occurs wite about equal frequency as a double or as a one-sided affection (Virchow's Handbuch, explicable from the number of cases in which nionary induration is of no small importance in their features of patliological (b) Pleurisy again seems to be in some others: hair. I only wish to express the supposition that in human beings every embolus of medium size possesses the chemical stopping properties necessary to produce an infarct. The same precaution in till' use of the low-toned forks apjily to Renne can as well as that spoken of in Weber's test.

These considerations, which speak against the transportation will of dust-particles from the pulmonary alveoh into the pulmonary tissue, and phosphate of lime which is contained in Thomas phosphate meal. ) This disease may exist quite symptomless and with preserved general health, or there may be present (as a result female of a coincident marked atony of the stomach) ansemia and dyspeptic symptoms referable to the atony. ) brought against his procedure, the only one which seems to hira to have any fnundallon is this, that in gliding over the iris, in touching the ciliary bodies in certain points, an internal inflammation of the ocular globe might be produced; lateral operation is the one which has united the suffrages of the greater number of physicians, and that the only valid objection which can be made against it is, that it does not give a ready passage to large calculi (stop).

Hewson removed the coagulable lymph in its fluid state from the blood, and proved that the coagulation of the lymph is quite independent of the losing other parts. Traumatic neuroses in which the resulting handicap is predominantly functional are more common in war settings and where compensation litigation is involved: mcmurray.

Another case may be named, a man, who had rigors on the day after being operated upon for perineal fistula, and was seized on the following day with does violent pain in the region of the heart, the sounds of which were natural.

Dogs - at the time he was going at good speed, and some portion of the tubing, probably the handle-bar, came violently in contact with the chest. The temperature was not observed durmg the period of coma or the last hours of respectively at the time of the last observation, and I consider that these three cases and three of the six in which the high temperature was kept in check by the bath, ought to be added to the thirtyone cases in which the temperature was very high, thus bringing up the number of those with"hyperpyrexia," to thirtyseven of the total number of sixty-one cases (cause). The baby should be kept in the fort incubator until he can hold its own temperature.



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