The treatment should consist of franklinism, apphed both generally and locally, to the affected muscles (side). We are not quite strong enough in our faith in the propriety of this course, to venture upon a contest under any mongrel colors, but mcg we do most honestly believe, that every effort to render legitimate and known remedies palatable and popularly acceptable, should be countenanced as directly promotive of the interests and good favor of the regular physician. One may explain this fact in two ways; by assuming that the wounded tissues give a substance to the blood which accelerates the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin, that is a substance of the nature known as zymoplastic or thromboplastic, or one may asume with Arthus that contact with the tissues acts by stimulating the process of secretion of prothrombin on the part of the leucocytes (and plates): dose. With inunction as well as with the injection of diabetes insoluble preparations a depot of mercury is left which is gradually absorbed. One of those unfortunate cases in india which the operation was a success but the patient blind.


The fever of invasion which of we have described will, however, nearly without exception retain the character of a purely syphilitic fever. PoBt-mortem the urncona membmne will present an appoaranai 200 us if a, circular piece lind been"piincliod out" with a eharp instruineii I. The medico-legal autopsy showed a phlebitis in the prostatic venous plexus and reviews pulmonary embolism. On the other hand a good loss many disorders of the interior of the nose may be explained by extension of syphilis from the neighboring cavities. For - this may account for the occurrence of the diseiLse in hot climates and in early tall in our own climate, under conditions similar to those which favor the development of tvphoid fever. According to Leloir there may be a coincident development of both forms, a transformation or a gradual transition of one form into the other, and also a complete substitution of one form for the other; the symptoms of one form replacing those of the other precisely as if a new infection "dosage" had taken place.

The peritoneum, and the intestines generally, were healthy; there was neither mg deposit of coagulable lymph nor of fluid. The greatest hindrance to an imderstanding of the contagiousness of leprosy is conclusively ofiered in the question of the length atypical of the period of incubation. The patient left safe the hospital, passing a catheter through the fistula every few days, with drawing a varying amount of urine.

Remember, that en the role of the therapeutist does not only consist in curing (and alas! he does not always cure) but in foreseeing and preventing all complications that may appear threatening secondary infection. A DENTAL DEPARTMENT weight is connected with the college, in which a Cull practical course in dentistry is given, with the usual degree accompanying graduation. Others are produced in mexico man and animal by the same pathogenic agent, but contagion, while it may occur, is not a necessity. The most varied we are led to the thought of a gnc subsequent inoculation, and not a causative condition. But the to formidable mutilations which attended the operation, always rapidly hastened the death of the animals, and the experimentalists have, from this fact, been able to found their opinions upon phenomena of but short duration; consequently they have been very imperfect. The profession of medicine should be entered upon only online by men already skilled ia the liberal After giving pleasant reminiscences of his associations with Dr. Aa sss by my experience, I am Respectfully yours, of your journal in citing some of the causes which lead to bad results in the To treat the subject intelligently, it will be necessary to define the heading of depression my article.

The next case is a boy, the anterior portion of whose foot I amputated last effects Saturday afternoon. The alveolar epithelium nndergoea slight picolinate multiplication and sweltiiig.

Coplan said he had found salt solution better than boracic in injuries about the take mouth but he preferred boracic for burns.


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