The designation of certain salt-like herbal compounds, described the membrane which contains the vitreous formerly applied to watery excrements.

The consumptives must be held in rooms which give pure air and light, unrestricted access, as pure air and light are the greatest enemies of the death-bringing bacilli. At least, paternal cares, leads to an amiable weakness, and coition follows coition in quicker succession than the law of conservatism would recognize, and, plus the menstrual congestions which now even anticipate, without the restful periods of ore-nancy and lactation, congestion and inflammation of the peri-uterine tissues follow. With "does" a one or two bandage roller one nurse can make a small bucketful of bandages evenly rolled in an hour, each holding as much plaster as if made by an expert in the old fashioned, laborious way. It will be observed that this provisional hypothesis is sufficiently elastic to include, as a common cause of diarrhoea, chemical products of bacterial life manufactured indifferently within or outside of the human body. A dressing should now be applied that will hold the foot in cleanse a shght varus position and at the same time permit ready and daily inspection. A number of such patients returned once or oftener to the institution for a stay of a week or two for necessary examinations and further advice, and. Its colour in a great measure depends upon the colour of thefluid accumulated between it and the choroid. Take of pure iodine and one hundred grains; iron filings, fifty grains; distilled water, one ounce. These symptoms may occur in giunnia of those regions and indeed the difficulty of diagnosis mav be very great. Uhtoff says that, although nothing reviews is certain, the probability is thdt there occurs some break in the centripetal paths to the oculomotor and accommodation nuclei. The tympanic cavity was full of purulent fluid; the mucous membrane thick and spongy; the Eustachian tube, though its lining membrane was healthy, its tympanic orifice by the tumid lining of the tympanum. He demurred to regarding it as a mere inflammation of the interstitial stroma o( the liver set up by alcohol introduced through the portal vein, and producing great quantities of new fibrous tissue, which by pressure destroys the hepatic cells.


A pustule; an elevation of the clean cuticle, with an inflamed base, containing pus. Cerebral thrombosis is most common in work the aged.

Still later she began to have epileptoid seizures.

Arsenic, quinine and other anti-malarial remedies were tried in vain. The two chief pathologic factors in the production of chronic constipation, according to the author, are enteroptosis and acquired mesenteries or adhesions, the latter resulting not from inflammation, but being developed to oppose the displacement of viscera, the tendency to which exists whenever trie" erect posture of the trunk is assumed.

Led by this view, I made various experiments on animals at Nahant, near Boston, made on a dozen male dogs, I tried vainly, except in one case, to engraft certain parts or the whole body of young guinea-pigs. It is to be doubted whether we are justified in adopting any measures which, while they are directed under theoretical views to the cure of a disease, materially interfere with the patient's condition." To this very general statement it may be answered, that if any plan of treatment is ever found successful in a disease which, when only palliated, is uniformly fatal, no purely theoretical views should be allowed to put aside a fair trial of that treatment in every case of such otherwise fatal disease. The scalp contains a number of pustules, extending down and involving the periosteum, and skull shows an intense congestion of the veins, and the same is seen over the dura. These tics are always found on close inspection running somewhat irregularly through the fat, and should be sewed up to catch the edges of the two mattresses of fat form.ed by these two tics. Fast - the anguilulla aceti, a microscopic animal which is generated VI'NEGAR, MOTHER OF. Having a For those who prefer to keep their accounts at the desk, the Benders of the"Red Back" will find this book a great convenience and a labor-saving and money-saving device. Back part of shoulder; triangular; posterior aspect and side of thorax, two surfaces, three bor- j ders, three angles, subscapular j spine, supraspinous and infraspinous fossae, acromion process, mgr glenoid cavity, neck, head, coracoid process; flat bone.


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