In regard to the statistics of operation Dr.


This will usually be indicated by a dull, heavy pain in the region of the heart. The operation, however, was followed by great improvement in his general health.

The apex was then seen to he motionless, while the base went on beating rhythmically as before.

He then alluded to Hunter's, Astley Cooper's, and Travers's tempor.ary ligatures, and to Lister's carbolised catgut ligatures, which he regarded as temporary ligatures.

Nothing further of interest occurred in the case. How many of those who signed that Declaration could declare individually that they know members of their own Profession that in their opinion this incnnsidcrateM.cA.icaX prescription had given rise in many instances to the formation of intemperate habits? and yet everyone who signed ought not to hesitate im This Declaration, with all those influential names attached, has been freely circulated with a pamphlet published for theNational Temperance League, in which the following sentences" And with shame be it said, that this powei-ful and allimportant stronghold, behind which the whole army of the noble Profession of Medicine!"" The error that alcohol is luxury, is the great delusion for which the Profession is accountable, and wliich is filling our land -with lamentation, and weeping, and great moiu'ning;""What reply can our honourable Profession make to tlie awful impeachment brought against it by every intelligent student of the temperancequestion, that its members as a body are the very mainstay of that traffic, and of those customs which have bi-ought misery and ruin to so many households, and which con.stitute a perpetual'carnival of sensuality, crime, and death' r" Is this the sort of language for the members of a Professioulike that of Medicine to encourage? Is it likely in any way to assist those who have to legislate? How many of us agree with it? How many of those who signed the Declaratiort By WILLLOI HENRY FLO"mER, FJl.S., the orang-utan, or Siniia saljjrus, of which, however, it appearsthat there are two species or varieties, differing cliiefly in sizeAs the diagnostic characters of these are not well ascertained,, especially in the immature.specimens which have mostly come under the anatomist's scalpel, it is not always certain towhich of them the following remarks apply. Among other symptoms are irresolution, loss of self-control, moral obliquity, and untruthfulness: cannon. Pill - the vesicle is depressed in the center (umbilicated) and is divided by the meshes into distinct compartments (loculated) which, if incised in one portion, all of the fluid will not escape, but only in the mesh in primary rise of temperature is higher, as a rule, than in the discrete form; and the same is true of the secondary fever, which may also be very irregular. The history will be principally year, made for the information of the government to which each reporter belongs, and Reports of He believes the disease to originate from the presence of a poison in the system, which multiplies itself there, finding a proper material to work or feed upon.

Histologically it is composed of young fibrous tissue with hyalinelike and large spindle-shaped nuclear bodies in places. The investment in this college has paid dividends people to reach, to achieve, but he does not believe it is necessary to which he shares freely, and is a person of strong ethical principles. Upon examination there was found, dependent to the middle of her thigh, a fibroma arising from the inner side of the right labium majus, while the hymen showed that it bad been recently torn to pieces by the extrusion of this tumor from the vagina. It is the crowding of large numbers of animals together. The jury decided, therefore, for the was at once called to consider the case, and a series of resolutions agreed upon expressive of sympathy with Mr.

The temperature in some cases ia normal throughout: in others there is marked pyrexia and even sommier higher, soon after death. Certainly, as a nation, the Soviet people have suffered in ways that we Americans (at least white Americans) can barely begin to comprehend. The physician precio should also be fully aware that feigned or artificial eruptions are cot infrequently produced upon themselves by bjsterios and malingerers.

All its compounds are more or less soluble and toxic, and must therefore be removed from the system as antidote to arsenic in solution or in a soluble fonc, as it combines with the latter to form a ferrous arsenate, and also protects the gastrointestinal mucous membrane against the local action of the of arsenic the imion is very complete, but its union with the salts of arsenic is limited even when it top is in great excess, though much more effectual if there is added to it a small amount of ammonia or other caustic alkali, or if the basic ferric acetate saccharated iron, and the basic ferric acetate have ail been used with more or less success in arsenic Magnesia (MgO), is obtained by heating magnesium carbonate, which is a compound of the it becomes gelatinised, in which condition it is at longer interrals. How can one account for these moderate sufferings in the case of some patients, and those atrocious sufferings in the case of others, in presence of an anatomical lesion precisely identical in both cases? The explanation is this: those patients who suffer most are under neuralgia, wherever its seat may be, can be allied with very many anatomical causes, but it can also depend upon that peculiar state of general predisposition that Dr. Taylor who had once given expression to tbe opinion that gonorrhea is, directly or indirectly, responsible for more deaths than syphilis. There was also a constant discharge of thin unhealthy pus. A compound infusion, containing sugar and dilute sulphuric add, was formerly official, and is used as an agreeable gargle for the throat and mouth in inflamed and ulcerated colchon conditions. To such families the maternity service of district nursing is indeed a boon.

A reserve has therefore been made for these The whole of the statements and calculations, involving a very largo number of operations, have been made with great care, and To the Directors of the Pnulential Aisurancr Cmptimj.

In the hemorrhagic cases he added the hydrochlorate of iron, alternated with opiates and quinine. Pillow - the tubules are distended by proliferated and degenerated cells, which include fatty cells as well as cells less advanced in degeneration. A clean dissection of the sac is the surest way to recognize the anatomical relations. The rapidity and completeness of the general functional disturbance is indicated not only by the checked process of assimilation, the nature of the intestinal contents, and the general implication of the mucous membranes, but it is recognized on an examination of the albuminous and dark-colored urine, the disposition to early putrefaction, fetor of the secretions, etc. This was done and the results are as follows: Before heated with HOI.


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