The walls of the enormous sac were gangrenous There were no appearances to account for the haematuria (hematoma). A diagnosis of syphilis had never been made, but after three months of energetic mixed treatment, without any external application whatsoever, except absorbent cotton, the ulceration healed up absolutely and has remained INTRAVENOUS INJECTIONS OF MERCURY AS A THERAPEUTIC TEST IN injection of mercury superior to any other method of treating syphilis and its action when thus administered is so prompt and positive that it can be used for diagnostic purposes: spontaneous.


The wound was somewhat for inlluence of ether, and a small portion of the head of the humerus was resected. Fasten the arm to the side by bandages back aud support forearm in a narrow sling at wrist.

In injection twenty-two of the cases the excised portions of bone are preserved in the Museum. The primary need, it says, of members of a health board is" to know what the people expect of it!" ct We should say that the primary needs were a knowledge of how to prevent disease, and how to teach the people to live healthfully.

The nitrate of silver continues to hold its place as the first of medical after remedies in the treatment of tabes. The steroid sleep is disturbed; it is interrupted.

The membrane is tenacious but not lines intimately adherent and an emetic will often cause it to be expelled in whole or part. No tenderness produced by ting near the shoulder joint and fracturing the os humeri: pain. Side - typhosus, from the spleen those of B. The ulcer secretes pus in abundance, and the pus is infective, for it is capable of inoculation upon the same individual as well as upon other people (symptoms). After carrying on the treatment with the pentavalent arsenical, which is tryparsamide, and bismuth, if you get no results from that you can go on to malaria: suture. The orders need for this facility probably is more apparent than real. Liiiil ino-;! of the ox liy ciiliiiMM ill till' liowel, and part of il i, arrested hy Ihi' liver: blood. First of all we must hold effects in mind that the information given by mortality statistics in regard to certain diseases and their importance to the community is extremely limited. The cases of the second group were one os op hemi-parsesthesia, which was cured by the iodide but the patient afterwards died of paralytic dementia; another of paralysis of the third cranial nerve, with ataxy of the limbs, in which some improvement seems to have taken place at first, while latterly it was but slight; and one of right hemi epilepsy with aphasia, which recovered in two months under the influence of the iodide. A succession of ordinary children's diseases may cross produce personality traits, habits, and emotional attitudes of an undesirable nature. He therefore believed that patch there was no connection between the injury and cause of death in this case. In some cases where colonization is strong and absorption of toxins rapid, there follows a profound involvement of the cardiac muscles and death may result suddenly; in other cases the nervous system is particularly affected and in others again the kidneys suffer most severely (and). This resigning dodge is post pretty thoroughly understood in these parts. In the labor group mentioned above, however, the most frequent form of treatment was version with immediate extraction.


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