To give the fg was anciently an expression of contempt or insult, which consisted in thrusting the thumb between two of the closed fingers, or into the mouth; whence, bite the thumb. Errin - much can be done also bj public teachers in our chartered medical schools in inspiring young men who listen to them with an enthusiastic desire to cultivate what is known in medicine, and to extend their researches into new fields of observation and experiment. A sluggish state of the bowels often contributes to the development of jaundice, partly by impeding the portal circulation and inducing congestion of the liver, partly by causing an accumulation of bile in the biliary passages and duodenum, and thus favouring its It is clear from the foregoing that although Murchison had chiefly in view an increased absorption from the bile passages, not directly from the intestine, he had also in view in such cases a direct absorption of bile into the blood-vessels of the liver from increase "instructions" of their diffusing surface. His intelligence, enthusiasm and unbounded faith in humanity caused him to take chances with Dame Fortune, that few men who were considered cautious would tolerate. The most interesting feature in the Congress was the object-lesson presented of the capabilities of the deaf mute for taking his part in social and public life, if only the exercise of his power and the growth of his intellect be not stifled by neglect. Baills, a French army surgeon, reports an extraordinary case of quinine-poisoning, THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Catharines has set a good example to other cities by its recent action in regard to life insurance companies, to which we referred in a former issue. The cheek should be small, and the muzzle fine; the nose must be of The nostril should be high and open; the hair curled about the head. Pulmonary phthisis has remained what it was, a complicated process beginning in a thousand ways, sometimes in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, sometimes in the interior of the alveoli; sometimes in the pulmonary parenchyma, and producing now inflammation, now specific neoplasms.

This general languor is the effect of general luxury, of general idleness.

There was degeneration of the bulbar and peripheral nerves. Performed; but it is not quite so delicate as the heat test. We have more highly educated and better-informed consumers, who have become much more engaged in their own health care.


To put himself under the treatment of N -n, of New York City, and subsequently of Successive applications of escharotics were made to the sore; the last about four weeks ago; the effect of which was to cause it to lip is destroyed except half an inch of border at each angle of the mouth, which is reviews still sound and of healthy aspect. The subcutaneous tissues are next anaesthetized by expelling the fluid as the than this the observations of Halsted, which showed that pure water, when remain in a horizontal position for an hour or two after the operation, to avoid vertigo, tendency to syncope, pains in the stomach, and vomiting.

The berries are of a rich purplish black, sweetish, about the size of a small cherry; are ripe in August, and of a deadly narcotic Atropos was the name of one of the Fates in the Heathen Mythology, and as her duty was especially to cut short the thread of human life, this poisonous plant is very appropriately ladyy was added, is not known.

Whitman to hold HMOs to Consumer advocate Kip Sullivan, for example, argues in the latest issue of Health Ajfairs that managed care probably does not save observes that managed care drives physicians to shift costs to other yet to return a verdict on whether In the HMO World.

The period researches of Bowman on the cornea and the lachrymal apparatus are ornaments of professional effort in England; where, if, as a general rule, ophthalmologists have not equalled in originality the productions beyond the channel, they have a practical turn, which seizes upon and avails itself of the ideas of others with a zeal worthy of wider adoption. Such a doctrine was in strictest keeping with the early knowledge of the functions of the liver, itc chief function being compared to that of a no sieve which strains off the bile from the portal"blood (Glisson, According to the modern version of this hypothesis, biliary secretion can be retarded or even totally arrested, for instance by nervous influence, without any structural alterations in the liver-cell.

The sediment contained many casts, chiefly granular and hyaline, though partly epithelial casts were not Autopsy (Dr. This is probably the best variety of the family for farmers, and in fact one of the very best of the black fowls. Bodies were undoubtedly found turned in their coffins and the grave clothes deranged. Except in the case of valuable animals, treatment scarcely pays, unless a veterinarian can be employed who understands anatomy. Everything he wants to know of work in the past year is told concisely' and well by a master hand. : His report, I presume, at the of the strange epidemic of meningitis in the United States was one of the special F.

A faradic current is alternating, interrupted, and induced. Conaway, we appreciate your frankness and your commitment to providing confidence in of our patients, and enhancing the environment in which we can provide health care. The outside skin is a marvelous plan For excreting the dregs, of man, While the inner extracts from the food and the air What is needed the waste of the flesh to repair. Slight glycosuria is also stated to occur in cases of cardiac and pulmonary diseases, leading to venous congestion of the kidney; and it has occasionally been found transitorily in various acute specific diseases. Among the most terrible of the diseases ever imported into the United States is pleuro pneumonia contagiosa known scientilically by a hirge number of names, but now generally designated as Bovine Pneumonia Plague, and the Lung Plague in cattle; Texas Fever, known also as Spanish Fever and, Texas Cattle Disease, and scientifically as Splenic Fever; Bloody Murrain, also known as"Black Quarter" (Quatran) and"Quarter Ail," is known among veterinarians by its French name Cliarbon, and also as Contagious Anthrax.

My lawyer turned his conference room over to me to use as a war room.


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