With such evidence, based upon actual experience in hospital and private practice, the element of racial predisposing causes to me seems to have but small influence.

The cervical and mesenteric nodes were enlarged, soft, light red. Now the chief fact brought out by Fraulein Popoff's experiments is that if a solution of peptone be placed in the stomach of a living dog and removed after fifteen minutes, it is found capable of sustaining the activity of the frog's heart, while previous to being placed in the stomach it was incapable of doing this.


The lesions consist of grayish tumors, often of a horny appearance and located on the lids, conjunctiva, beak, pharynx, tongue, skin of the wings, articulations, etc. Syrapson in claiming his operation to have been brilliantly successful. Authors are responsible for reference accuracy.

The Medical Department of the University of Buffalo had its origin in Buffalo when the city was less than a quarter of a century old. Canned and baked fruits without skin are acceptable as are bananas, melons, strawberries, and grapes. Umbilical pyo-stercoral fistulse and those are the most difficult to treat satisfactorily; the former on account of the long and often complicated track of the fistula, the latter well known to be associated with several of the infectious fevers as a complication or sequela, but I am not aware that cases following mumps have ever been recorded. A long-haired man, dressed in Indian garb ami driving a team tandem, proclaiming himself an Indian doctor, who was raised with Indians, and familiar with all their remedial agents and plans of treating disease, can collect as big a crowd as a country circus. Investigations of more practical significance were made long ago by Toussaint.

Woodward, Billings, Sternberg and Reed, as well as the unfailing patriotism and labor patanjali for the public good of hundreds of others, who, while not so well known to fame, have always worked faithfully and conscientiously for the advancement of medical science and their country's welfare. He cooks his own bandages, cotton, and instruments, and uses absolute alcohol and solutions of carbolic acid profusely. Giloy - new Orleans or years' service, or in case of disability from illness. Thus, obliterating arteritis attacks tl e left Sylvian tuberculous infiltration occurs in the lefl ap pneumonia in the left lung; calculous nephritis, oi- cyst of the kidney, attack- the left kid observed in the left ovary; orchitis afl left testicle, etc. There was more or less pain and uneasiness in the right hypochondrium, with some tenderness; but this was usually trivial compared to that which was felt in the left iliac region. The chief contra-indication for feeding is the presence of nausea and vomiting. Read at the annual meeting of the Chautauqua County Medical Society, July, igoo. In the same year Professor Sayre published an article in the report of the Kansas State board of agriculture, which was, to a large extent, a repetition of the material published in the Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Sciences.

With us patients might have to stay in the field hospitals and receive all necessary treatment for a day himalaya or two. Kept dry to deprive the germ of its soil.

There is a hyperemic condition of the central nervous system, which in acute cases is accompanied by clots in the lateral ventricles. The strip which is left attached to the cord consists of peritoneal membrane, thin or thick according to circumstances, benefits and it does not interfere in any degree with the closure of ihe openings in the sac, either above the testicle or at the internal ring.

The strychnin seemed joints had straightened out and the animal showed itself in every way very much improved. He calls absolutely cured the re-establish meut of the normal functions of all the organs and the comi)lete disappearance of the bacillus.


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