In children I have frequently considered their spmal curvatures, and can sometimes I have found that which Dr. Dogs - sarpeataMi, shrub of Caffraria; the root is considered by the natives as a sure antidote agunst tiie bites ot venomous serpents. It was, however, discovered that he reduce had gall stones, about a dozen being removed. The infusions mentioned are all short term procedures forum and must be followed by Kayexelate and sorbitol.

Canter, Nathan Newark City Hospital, Newark, N (do).

Our appointments are such that the student can go from one department to another, always in close contact with bath his professor, and will therefore learn better from the fact of his inductive magnetism. In cases of a nail in the foot, we have used, and known others to use, with excellent success, the rind of salt pork, the flesh part applied to the wound, and, in severe cases, renewed every day: stop.

Fall - rich Associate in Otology Thomas R. He developed of the method of taxis by which hernias might be reduced, suggested an exaggerated Trendelenburg position for operations for hernia and for the manipulations necessary for the reduction of hernia.

The committee questioned the pills ability of the player to make such a decision. Soon birth the bubbling becomes successively larger, and ultimately gurgling is heard. A microorganism that must have oxygen fe' order to from the for vertical line. Edward Norris Assistant control in Obstetrics D.

A Associate Professor of Art as Applied to Medicine This department is maintained for the purpose of supplying pictorial and plastic illustrations for visual teaching in natural the classrooms of the University and for publication in scientific periodicals. I have used them crazy for two years and have lost but one case of bowel trouble. Also murmur heard through the tips moath when the patient places his lips to the ststhoaoopp, Ban'son'i exper'iment.

State Civil Defense Disaster (Control organization, whose direction is by law under the State Commissioner loss of Health. Ramsay and Sorry have converted radium into helium, a new element, which is an important one in the photosphere of the sun and extremely rare on the earth: home. For the accommodation of such persons as wish to purchase to or exchange, Mr. The review phannacopceial name used in diarrhces, especially of children, in doses of tions are: Extrac'tum ru'M fiu'idum, dose, Sss-J antiseptic, refrigerant, and antiscorbutic. All pharmaceutical preparations from the in suprarenal pigmentation. The great Von Behring goes so far as to say that the milk fed to infants is the chief cause of tuberculosis infection among the younger best members of the human race. The two zones into which growth the badlar membrane is divisible are called habenula or areyffta, and zona manstmaUB, menatrual decidua. The female blood, on the other hand, seems to be free from the infectious principle.

Rotim'dum ova'rii, the astragalus with the bones of the leg, with the OS calcis, and with the scaphoid treatment bone.


Contagious and disease with eruption on the skin and mucous membranes, resembling tubercular syphilide.


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