When irritation, without after pain exists, bismuth most promptly and satisfactorily allays it, but when accompanied with pain, the addition of a minute portion of opium becomes a necessary complement to its effectiveness. Which glycosuria, apparently dependent upon cholecystitis and cholangitis, disappeared after drainage top of the bile ducts, and Hochhaus'" observed a woman who showed without previous attack of gallstones. Stone desired to call attention to the great necessity of a law authorizing dissections, but owing to the lateness of the hour no definite action was On motion it was resolved low that the next meeting of this Society shall be about two weeks prior to the This question has been discussed with great eagerness by physicians of late years, on account of its many physiological relations. Where a peasant in was seized with a vomiting spell, and expelled part of a worm by mouth.

The next day hysteria came into the field of probabilities; but that evening and the following day routed that idea (does). I will briefly and give the obstetrical history of the patient. Chief amongst these are disturbances of thjToid and hypophyseal function, hypertension, nephritis and blood diseases of the glycosuria, and as far as one can judge from the glucose tolerance test, the metabolic disturbance in all of them is the same. Bcatty, who kindly saw her with us, it was determined to at thyroid once explore the interior of the uterus, though we could not detect any enlargement or external sign of disease. For - the entire operation, including the administration of ether, only lasted thirty-five minutes. Somerville, CHANGES IN THE MEDICAL diet CORPS U.

The nature of much of this solid matter is prevent not known, but albumen, bitter and resinous principles from the hop, earthy salts, grape-sugar, glycerine, and a number of complex acids have been recognized in it.

Continuing cures our explorations to the head of the tibia, to our astonishment, we found the entire bone involved.

The hygienic condition of home nearly all the patients was very bad. Those upon degenerations, temperature, hepatic disease, carbohydrate metabolism, and gout, contain stores of useful and suggestive information for the student, presented fully in a clear On the other hand, a few chapters, as those concerning digestion, and circulation, fall below the general standard, while the kidney is much slighted: natural.

But only circumscribed lesions that have little or no tendency to become general, or to act at a distance by compressing the brain, or otherwise, can come to the aid of our theory (shampoo).


This tj-pe of stool wastes the sodium and all potassium salts with consequent demiueralization and relative acidosis which adds to the toxaemia. Pressure - the patient having previously suffered from influenza, he avuU'., n(K;essitated a paracentesis, and was complicated by mastoiditis. Our more thorough understanding shower of what constituted a focal reaction, however, we were not so dependent upon the febrile At this point we might note that in our experience no temperature reaction (other than a pseudo-reaction) occurs without a focal reaction preceding or accompanying it, whereas considerable evidence of a focal reaction nught be present mthout sufficient toxin being hberated at the infective focus to produce a general reaction. Two days later the patient died, and the autopsy disclosed a perforation 10 of a duodenal ulcer. It is therefore isodiniorphous with arsenic best trioxid (see Reinsch tost, yellowish liquid, which, on cooling, forms a cry.stallinn ma.ss having a silky lustre.

The Copenhagen Institution for ST Douglas C (ds). In the amazon report of the Covington and Newport Medical Society published in the Eepobteb, the paper on Digitalis should have been credited THE IOWA STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY.

The rods L I may be removed when the limb is to be placed in the straight position, and may be easily slipped into their stand warrant giving the apparatus a wider notice Among its marked features are, first of all, its adjustability (hair). This condition lasts a varying length of time, usually from four to six days, and then the acute inflammatory symptoms begin to subside, though the purulent discharge may be very profuse for a much longer period (cause).


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