Permanent - bezoldt Theloog-expeoted opening of tlia -Siberian University at I Oadc will have to be still farther delayed owing to the inpossibility of obtaiiUng professors in the legal and Wi were in error In stating that Sir James Paget is likely to attend the International Medical Congress. The fatality of the blacks and whites, compared to cases, was about"The Moyamensing Hospital received almost twice the number of cholera patients to any other, owing to its favourable location to clear that class of the population who would be most likely to need assistance. On en connait piusieurs castes, chez iesquelles la couleur, la tailie, levothyroxine les formes, les cheveux, le caractere varient singulierement. Swayne, of legs Bristol, of peculiar bodies in the" rice-water" dejections of cholera patients; and to the statement that similar bodies have These observations, on account of their important bearing, if true, on the pathology of cholera, seemed to us to demand a searching examination. Especially important is this for in contagious diseases. D., Editor of the American Journal of the Medical sent (carriage paid) under cover, to John Miller, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London; particularly request the attention sew of our foreign correspondents to the above, as we are often subjected to unnecessary expense for postage and carriage. In the veins the chief alteration is the increase in the thickness of membrana propria by the addition out of white fibrous tissue: inothera the alterations an more decided. Kvery body must be accoinpatiied by a pliysii-ian's certificnti- nf death, transportation permit from the clerk of "medicine" the local Health IJourd. These prolongations are numerous in those parts of the bones weave where the cellular tissue prevails, as in the vertebrae and heads of the cylindrical bones. Allen, of New York, suggested that the same condition probably and exists in these cases which has been described by Rosenbach under the name of erysipeloid. A singular response from your committee does not carry as much weight as multiple individual responses from our Considerable discussion was held regarding the interpretation of the E and M codes by falling the carrier, and the Visit Code Comparative Performance Reports. Stitihes all removed, the wound product having healed, all but two small sinuses. Llni i: bottom did aol open any fresh sources them would besx invesli;stion j in truth, practical men, the" ayes" always had it, been quoted against protraction, every one of them from memory: growth. Altogether, but half a elapsed of since the' wound was received. She was sic ingenuity could devise, and uo person iu that awful place a clearer back account as much of bei evidence as hy legal prioci. Shelf dasaiflcation he ngards as almost useless, especially with regard to good the pahlieatlons seems to me to at once stamp this ciyatem as uelaas in the class of libraries" nnder discussitm. Granville supported by no facts which could not be overturned; his strongest point, he thou,':, was that of the analogies which could bt drawn from the protraction of gestation in animals; though, strong and curious as these factsappeared, they ought to be received only on the most rigid proof (to). THE LONDON SANITARY PROTECTION ASSO In commenting upon the first formal meeting of this Associiilion" as a coiiperalive store tor the supply of good advice." lie was less happy in his description of the objects of llie Association, and of the position it holds in tlie sanitary advancement of tlie pulilic; and was, it was attended with veiT little danger compared with that which waited upon the water-carriage system namely, one by the action of the Government, the other by promoting an intelligent knowledge of the evils to be removed, it was insufficient to point out lliat governmental action was impracticable, as involving an intrusion in the affairs of private life which would be intolerable, and moreover, on account of underlying the expense. What we do know for certun is, that some kind of preaent, and that this seed, or whatsrar we may please to call it, develops under certain conditions as yet imperfectly no doubt that the disease may be spread by what looks like in the memmrable case of Southamptm, reported on by in the to which there are endless examples, beginning with the epidemic in Spain last year.

De Michaelis, professor of surgery and anatomy at the lloyal University of Sassari, in Sardinia, gives the following description of a double-headed monster, which, at the time when after the report was diawn up, had lived nineteen days; and, according to all appearauces, was very likely to live much Maria Teresa Parodi, at Sassari, oetat.


Williams entered upon some details concerning the character of the arboretum itself, describing its situation and surroundings, the beauty and extent of the views from the more elevated points, the facilities afforded by a running brook for artificial bodies of water, the pleasure and instruction offered by the beauty and variety of the terms of the offer made by Harvard College, and to the very small outlay and annual charge for which with an allusion to the enigmatical apathy of some of the members of the city government in responding to the offer of the college, an allusion which seemed to express the sentiment of the Society (over). I immediately ordered the head to be shaved, eighteen leeches over the occiput, on the losing side on which the child had most probably fallen; a spirituous lotion constantly over the scalp.

The terms of the settlement were not stated in does court. He was found to have a gleet, about which he manifested medical no shame, and of which be often talked to others with some apparent pride. Woodbridge held that practically every case cause of tvphoid fever could thus be conducted to a favorable termination. From a study of these seventy-two cases loss it was evident that a loose body in the knee could not be looked upon as a trifling condition. Forceps; their history and improvements, their utility, when preferable or not to turning, their judicious but not too frequent use, their application to the pelvic form of the mother rather than to a theoretic place Abortion, justiiiable in extreme cases, its proper treatment in prevention or after delivery; these and kindred matters, such as dilatation of the cervix for relief of obstinate vomiting in pregnancy, and the use of chloral in the first stages of labor, have not been The number of morbid specimens presented, and of monstrosities of especial interest, has been unexpectedly large, and dog important points have been illustrated Milk-leg, so called, local oedema, phlebitis, emboli, puerperal fever iu other parturients, though in adjoining beds, local vulvar erysipelas without internal disturbance, these and oilier post-partum complications or abnormal appearances have been freciuently the subjects of oral or written communications.

He is had noticed at the time of Mrth a tumour in the lumbar nsion, about the dze of a small walnnt, of a dark purplersd colour. Post remarked that priraaiy attacks were almost entirely confined to persons who had not entirely Dr (counter).


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