Such a monstrous lie was never before circulated.

Alfalfa should not be fed to the extent of more than two-thirds of the roughage for horses; it should be chopped and timothy hay makes the best combination with it.

The power of this drug to remove alkaloids from solution is worth hgh considering.

Providing superior service and medical professional liability insurer. And, by the way, just at the close of this case an old country physician from the central part of New York State came through the hospital visiting, and of course discussed the subject of erysipelas. This is the effacement of the rather acute angle formed anteriorly between the neck and body of a pregnant uterus. The fits then ceased, and the patient fell into a heavy sleep, having had at leasl Next day, she was better, but weak, and her mind was confused; she had several fits during the day.

The smaller the area, as a rule, the stronger the slim remedy. Softening and sloughing of parts, suppuration and"ripening" of abscesses and"cleaning off" of wounds, are facilitated by moderate heat, but hindered by cold. An autopsy was made yesterday evening. Harris feared he had been ruptured by the accident. Experimenters have produced cataract in frogs by placing them in a solution pills of sugar.

Of belladonna leaves in infusion The injection should be used four weight times a day and To Prevent lodism It is claimed that the following may be given indefinitely without causing iodism: S. The cystic duct was fountl impacted with a stone, about the size of a joint of the little finger.


It is not my purpose, however, to devote much attention to obvious causes of bed-wetting; the causes where discoverable should, if possible, be removed. Petersburg Klinik in three years. Kelley, of Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, whose authority to speak on any subject connected with the anatomy of the pelvicviscera no man will question, expresses himself as follows: Dr. An examination of the afterbirth showed, about three inches from the placental insertion of the funis, a large sac formed by development of the outer (amniotic) sheath of the cord, and review this, having prolapsed in front of the descending head, had given the impression of the membranes being still intact after rupture of the first sac.

Report of the International Committee on the Prevention of the Spread of Yellow loss Fever Dr.

Perfectly fresh carbolised catgut was used; and, owing to the fear that the first ligature might not have been well applied, and having a great belief in its non-irritating properties, I put another round it of the same material, and in juxtaposition.

Thought it was a pedunculated fibroid of.the uterus, and it was only after examining it closely that I was persuaded it was not. The artery was perfectly continuous. Primary infection is not usually due to inherited tendencies, but external conditions play a most important part.


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