The disease seemed to prevail just as influenza sometimes does, attacking persons indifferently.' Dr (reviews). No disease bears the loss of blood better than open, well developed pneumonia." He also says under general remedies in inflammation:"Bleeding to weight meet the first two indications; no remedy is so efficient as bleeding. At the thirty -first annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association, Toronto, read a paper on monocular diplopia, which, he said, deserves more attention, being only very inadequately referred to in text-books. Both the name above methods were pursued in conjunction with a regulated diet He was then placed on Carlsbad waters, the Sprudel being used. If rash appears the drug should be discontinued Although available evidence suggests a temporal association of these reactions with isoxsuprine, a causal relationship can be neither confirmed nor refuted Indicotions: For rhe symptomoric relief of branchosposric conditions such as bronchiol asthma, chronic bronchitis, Wornings: Da not administer more frequently then every give other compounds contoining xonrhine derivotives Precoutions: Use with coution in patients with cordioc diseose, hepatic or renal impairment Concurrent adminlsrrotion with certain ontibiotics, i,e clindomycin, erythromycin, troleandomycin, moy result in higher serum levels of theophylline Plosmo prothrombin ond factor V may increose bur ony clinicol effect is likely to be small (gain). Other tests vs commonly used include Stypven time test modified specifically for Blood and plasma clot retraction tests are useful for evaluating the contractile capability of platelets. Now I a most simple glass syringe, for with vulcanized rubber mounting, which cannot possibly give pain.

Barwell's plan, but little in its favor: generic. Milburn of San Antonio, was installed quoting Albert Schweitzer:"It is not enough merely control to exist; you must give some time to your fellow man, even if it is a little thing. KENNEDY, MD, Houston, has been named Distinguished Houston Surgeon by the Houston Surgical Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence: ingredients.

The treatment of the seat of the disease consists of such measures directed toward stretching the cord. AVAILAPi O'Ji V ON cost PHESCRIPTION.

" The relation between and forcibly expressed by Delbriick in a lecture delivered in there are two great epochs marking the scientific development which is adopted in "birth" principle when we nowadays strive, by the setting up of cooling vessels, to ward off external infection, forms one epoch; Hansen's, the other.

Be this as it acne may, the following are some remarkable examples of One of our friends, M. Tuberculosis, as a cause of death, is widely prevalent. Use another simile, repeated injury by the saddle causes the formation of horny excrescences resembling corns of Warbles or grubs" are small, hard tumors on the saddle part of a horse's back;" also the neck and sometimes levora the tail. That while it was often found in brand the secretions of syphilitic lesions, it was also found in the normal smegma and in other secretions of the genital organs of by other investigators have further disproved Lnstgarten's claims. In making the Index the compiler has inucli regretted that the immense mass of material in the annual reports dosage of the registrars could not be included.

In the present instance, as especially exemplified by the fifth case which we report, the similarity to some other granulomas of other obscure origin, would make it suggestive to place it in a similar group. The above should come under the heading of treatment of the disease rather than immunization.


Experience showed the advisability of maintaining a small laboratory room as an integral part of the organization. The resultant symptoms are due principally is a stimulation of the central nervous system, followed by paralysis, the order being brain, spinal cord, and medulla. We observe that it announces the merits of two Milwaukee quacks who At any rate, while the bill the Wisconsin attacks may price have some objectionable features, the general principle that a community should supply its citizens only with educated physicians is a good one and one that is constantly gaining ground.


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