That the cause is toxic, foci in the lungs and intestines, swollen mesenteric glands, etc. We find a great many cases of rheumatism in children and infants which have not the articular symptoms. The solution of the general telegraphic problem by means of automatic transmission, and by the adoption of multiplex methods with all the possible refinements of which these methods are capable, cannot be reached unless the alternating-current method of transmission is adopted. Diarrhoea side and bloody dejections have repeatedly followed the practice, with resuiting death in at least two instances. It is then a question of probabilities, and in its very essence unscientific. We find a Pope John applying to the King of Gallicia for" several of the best Mauriscos, which are called in Spain, Alfaraces." These Alfaras or Andalus, were a cross breed of Arab blood upon the black Vandal and other Gothic races, themselves crossed with Roman and the ancient Spanish Calpe studs; which medicine last retained the name of Ginetas, because they were smaller and fit only for light-armed chivalry. In sitting down the feet may be either resting on the ball of the toe, as in the other paces, or with tab the stirrup" home" to the boot, as is common in all fieldriding.


Accordingly, in pathologic proces-ses, it comports itself more like a portion of skin than of mucous membrane. Unfortunately for the surgeon, the presence of suppuration or ulceration within the vagina are the conditions which lead and which indicate that the malignant affection is already advanced. In the human female, for example, as I have already pointed out, a particular portion of the Miillerian tract, viz., the mucosa of the corpus uteri, is uses the normal seat of implantation. It is unfortunately scattered, and hence in part ignored by too many physicians.

The mode of infection, the character and peculiarities of the eruption, and the role played by bacteria are discussed, and the epicrisis closes with two statements of general practical interest:"The most important and immediate practical result of the work should be the testing of the quality of vaccine virus by rabbit inoculation. Thus it tends to lessen febrile action, from whatever cause this proceeds. Endermic and epidemic diseases are not alone confined to the human species." The analogy in manifestation is so close that they are designated" The next cause of these diseases is supposed in the animal organization to act like a ferment, hence the term'zymotic' According to the most recent inquiries the generation of' organic germs' originate in the individual, or by fermentation in the diseased excretions of organism, and thus transmitted through various media from body to body, at sensible and insensible distances.' have sniall-pox In sheep and birds, pleuro-pneumonia of cattle, rinderpest, malignant diseases of the generative organs of the horse kind, malignant cholera of animals, aphthous fever, known as foot and mouth disease. Mix, and digest for a fortnight: tablet then strain. Perhaps the study of Italian 400 literature represents idling to a offer a subject for a symposium in a neurological society.

Has never had pain in either groins, testicles, or right lumbar region; does not get nausea or vomiting with the attacks of pain. We more completely antagonizes in its physiological actions these pathological conditions than any other.

Montaigne recognized, as few of our bitter and shallow critics do, the inherent effects difficulties of the art of healing, the vastness of the field, its seriousness, its dangers. Others apparently have no opening. Tube then introduced and escape of result as yesterday. When all is ready, he has only to put his foot in the stirrup, standing with his back to the shoulder, and then, after partially rising two or three times, and coming down again, he finally plants himself firmly mg in the saddle. His early knowledge of science was acquired from John Winthrop investigated the properties and management of heat, and the amount of it that was produced by the combustion of different kinds of fuel, by means of a calorimeter of his own invention." By reconstructing the fireplace he so improved the methods of warming apartments and cooking food that a saving of fuel of almost one half was effected. Such reports come to us chiefly from tropical and subtropical regions where dysentery is very frequently of amoebic origin, and possibly systematic examination of the stools in amoebic dysentery in connection with this treatment may show that ipecac has a special relation to this form of dysentery.

Some of the ulcers are perfectly round; others are of very irregular shape and produced by the union of adjoining ulcers. So he started back by way of Belgium, Holland, and the xl Rhine. No one of the three patients exhibits the club foot, which is erroneously believed by many to be a very essential feature in Friedreich's disease.


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