First of all"the separation from the family and friends has a most depressing effect upon the patient, which reacts nearly always most unfavorably on the physical condition." Secondly," the popular feeling in California is not at all in favor of making that part of our country a colony for consumptives." Thirdly, as every profession, trade and calling is more than amply supplied in Southern California by well men, it is almost impossible for tuberculous invalids, or recovered consumptives to obtain employment there. Was described by French and German authorities as long ago as the middle of the eighteenth century, but it was a hundred years later introduced into England, and probably from thence to America, as at that time pedigree stock was being imported largely from Britain, and the breeds from the European continent had not become famous in the States.

So far then as we have been able to demonstrate there is no reflex nervous action associated with the rise of blood pressure following constriction of the superior mesenteric artery and Since, therefore, the results seemed to point definitely to the mechanical rather than the reflex hypothesis, certain experiments were devised in order to obtain positive proof of the truth of soft this second possibility, namely, that the rise in blood pressure is caused by a sudden and persisteni increase of the blood in the general circulation. The same cycle of treatment is then "pastillas" gone through again as long as the patient will stand for it. It acts as an excellent sedative to the nervous system, and guards the patient against some of the worst and most distressing symptQms. It was not recognized bichloride of mercury in weak solution, and alas, not enough was known by extemporized nurses of the virtue of clean water in wound treatment. A large class favor the vaginal route, because of less shock and less danger of infection. In loss this case the menopause had occurred a year previously: in the other the patient was a young A paper on the Growth of the Placenta after Death of the Foetus in twenty-eight years of age, and had had one child two years before. Conversely lie showed that the integrity of the vessels was the means whereby the blood was normallv free from coagulation while in circulation and that this condition was not gel due to the blood's combination with Made professor of surgery in the University of Glasgow in elected as a surgeon to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. It is needless to say that essential to the ultimate success of a performance necessitating the reopening of a large osteoplastic wound is the absolutely reactionless healing which alone is assured by a tedious, painstaking and accurate closure with early removal of side the external approximating sutures. This is where espaol the real work is done. The address on surgery was delivered by Dr (weight). Canada is also requested to join, and any Canadian physicians who desire to contribute to the success of this undertaking may effects send heir subscriptions to Dr. In pills many places they are confluent.


This fact of the negativity appearing last at the base is in good accord with Einthoven's For a short period following the S wave there is no resultant potential difference in the heart despite the fact that the whole of the heart is in activity. They may be dyed, and from them can be made very attractive baskets. The gall bladder contained about was pale, but normal in size, shape and consistency." The kidneys together and testicles normal. I en know it will increase your toxin-antitoxin immunizations, and I know the people appreciate something of that kind. We have only to hold up their heads then for a time, to get the advantage of topical dressings. These, however, need not be discussed in connection with this case, as its history shows that the sufferer never had any symptoms of bladder trouble in any way whatever, neither has he suffered from cystitis, even in a mild form; therefore, I think we may conclude that the blood certainly comes from the kidney, and thus exclude the question of the bladder or urethra from I can only think that he might possibly have a calculus in the kidney, the nucleus of which was formed at the time of the injury. Anything which seriously interferes with the normal rate or coordination of beats, interferes, to a certain extent, with the mechanical efficiency of the heart.

Although it was used, he said, as early as the blue time of Paracelsus, yet it was only within the past fifty years that any explanation of its use was advanced. If the patient experiences a desire for some kind of a stimulant it is as well to give it, and it may be repeated as often as desired provided it produces no The many injuries to the intestinal tract producing solutions of continuity, the many accidents causing strangulation and local death, and the many diseased conditions leading to obstructions, have led to the introduction of numerous reviews operative procedures whose aim is the restoration of the bowel's continuity and a reestablishment of its caliber. The temporary inhibition of the respiratory center, through the stimulation of the afferent nerve endings of the vagi in the lungs, results in the former condition: slimming. There are a few cases in which the opacity begins and steadily increases until in a few weeks or months it tea has become complete. Doubleday, If we desire a hammered effect on some of our flat sawed work, this may be done with any dome-shaped hammer, like the ball-pein, before doing the sawing. (Hon.), Aslieville Williams, John D Guilford Station Wilson, Albert azul R.

Patients suffer advanced from" gonorrheal" rheumatism who never had gonorrhoea.

At the close of the experiment, all of the volunteers looked wom.


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