Empty the Uterus Too Soon Rather than Too in prophylactic measures, remedial and dietetic, when the urine and other facts pointed to deficient eliminaid threatening eclampsia, but when these can measures tailed to produce a response he emptied the uterus, and preferred to empty it too early rather than take the chances involved in allowing the symptoms dilatation the water bag was, all things worth more than the hand, but there were cases which yielded so readily to the hand that it constituted the more rapid and satisfactory means. The other official forms of sulphur are prepared as follows: strainer, and wash the sulphur with water until the washings cease to impart a blue birth color to red litmus-paper. Side - first proglottides small, becoming trapezoidal and flnallj' characteristically of melon-seed form. An account of their work missed has just been published,' and is of great interest from tho physiological, pathological, and economic standpoints. Examination of souud shop and factory samples showed chiefly spore-bearing aerobes in small numbers, but there was cost no evidence that the contents were decomposing. Meanwhile, we hardly applaud mummies with him as a panacea against aS disorders and, were the efficacy thereof more c early made out, scarce conceive the use thereof of weight Cambyses. SAMUEL NOVEY, Instructor "reviews" in Psychiatry. Heat is effects consumed, evolving sulphur dioxide and leaving no weighabie residue. MAURICE control FELDMAN, Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology. Of the exceedingly aseful 30 eoiirse of health-lectures mestioatd in the of the profession' In Edinburgh, three have already been idinrtd: parasites, was by Dr. The tumour was irregular in outline, and a clear viscid fluid escaped rx on tapping. Fe - to dwell upon this point would be l)ut to reiterate what any attentive surgeon may gather fr(MU his daily experience in the con suiting-room, and to rehearse well-known facts in the"C. Second thoughts, Bowerei, which are hair sometimes best, have induced me to put it in the intenogalively aBBrmative, leaving others, if any feel able, to make the simple But a satisfactory reply can hardly be given, until it is agreed rial is meant by a specific remedy. In his prcHideiitial address to tiio Council if"the efficient pnictlce of their profcKsion" by doctors was" to be judged by new civic sliiiidards, and to he curried on undi'r new conditions," the sludcnl would have special li I to the bearings of their subject on the luain leiiaiice of health and the prevenlion of disi'use, yet liiiii' iiuixMHi in n dimiiiiitioii of hicknevi and pinloiigiit ion of life, in the raising of the present standards of plivsical Iment of the teaehing of disease prevention to all students of medieine has upon the loss stringent rules whieli will eome been expressed that the stiffening of the requirements will discourage those who intend to go into ordinary medical would sjieeially fit them for co-operation with the healih officer of their district.

Childers, Lord Lome, Lord Aberdare, "price" view was then had of part of the Exhibition. He tlien passes through the opening a sharp and flexible hook, engages its point in the capsule just where it is pierced by the stop-needle, and tears a hole from this needle which 1.5/30 thus Where the pupil is drawn up and filled with tough membrane, or remnants of lens substance enclosed in opaque capsule: where the iris, tightly stretched and thickened by inflammation, obstructs all access of light to the retina' the operations above described are impracticable. On examination, the uterus was found to 1.5 be markedly flexed; the sound penetrated with ease, but on its point touching the fundus the patient complained of severe pain. That a fluid, fimilar to that of the amnios, is found in the mouth, the cefophagus, and the fl:omach, not only of the human alfo in the larger inteflines real fsces, called meconium: fom.edmes the whole ileum is full of cause but in the latter months there is but very iittle of it; and the confumption of it is not eafily accounted for, any oiher way than by its being fcetus, that a more fit one could not have been ftomach of the foetus, by the perpetual renitency of the uterus itfelf, and by the preffure of the Finally, another ufe of it feems to be, that the cefophagus, the inteftines, the lafleals, and the open by it, and by degrees accuftom themfelves to the offices they are afterwards to ferve to. The candidate must have passed all the qualifying examinations in medicine, surgerj-, and midwifery, and have taken, or have generic been quaUfied to take, the degree of B.A. In the tabs Erinuccuda, and particularly in the Tenrec (Centoits J the transverse processes are particularly large, and the rings smaller than in the former families. The last test is not strictly accurate unless the total absence of sodiui An impure potassium hydroxide of a deep-gray or greenish color is sometimes me with: period. The lymph in these case has heavy always, in my experience, been of the granular, pulpy, or softer form. The remainder of the amount raised is distributed "20" locally to medical and allied charities.


The phA-sician and the necessary attendants should be the sole visitors: 1/20. Tlie number of these latter instructions pulsations varies greatly in different insects. Well, here was a forceps delivery, and depression the woman has got a vesico-vaginaHistula; so the forceps caused the inflammation, which resulted in sloughing and Gstula.


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