Inflammation of the throat produced by irritant solutions is a bere frequent fraud; but there is no febrile disturbance and the inflammation is not localized in the tonsils, but extends over all the parts which have been in contact with the irritant. The typhus epidemic, however, sanitation, and oiher units in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Volhynia, were vaccinated against typhus fever during in this number only the persons who were most exposed to the dangers of infection (alcalin). It is still more remarkable to find, on examination of the specification in the Patent Oflice Library, that while the cough lozenges to which it relates are made up with chloroform or morphine as an ingredient, that is not the case in regard to the preparation therein described by the name of"compound essence of linseed." According to the specification, that does not contain any scheduled poison, and it difl'ers from the preparation actually sold under the same designation. He stated that very frequently these cans are allowed to stand for weeks with milk decaying in them and breeding impurities which decomposed animal matter Professor of Clinical Surgery in 28 the Academy of Medicine, of Paris. Last year's reunion was a banner affair. To obtain the wished for sleep the patient is apt to indulge in still effects further dissipation or to become addicted to the use of morphine, chloral, or some other equally harmful hypnotic.

ORCCN AND GOLD, CRYSTAL AND GOLD When writing advertisers, please mention Thb Gamadiak Journal of MsDiaNB amd Sctkohit. Considering the large number of cliildren born that have to be resuscitated by artificial respiration, it is but very few after all who suffer from birth palsy, and in this matter I exclude those eases of facial paralysis in the newly-born infant, which disappear a few days after birth, and which are caused by the pressure of the forceps upon the nerve itself. Resinol possesses merits that cannot fail to attract the notice of an of the organs of the medical profession of our country regarding this valuable preparation, as appears on page xxiii.

The projectile moves rhythmically de aud iudepeudeutly of the respiratory movement, aud even iu complete apnoea.

In England, Examination Ilall, Victoria control Embankment, London, W.C. Six hours later the infant succumbed. I Combination uniting the properties of Alcoholic Stimulants and Raw Heat. He urged independence of thought yaz and action upon the younger members of the profession. The Board to grant birth him a certificate upon such premises. Being stable, they remain active even when kept a long time.

The basis of the practical service is a regimental surgeon to each regiment. There was a considerable quantity of straw coloured fluid in the bib pericardium and a small amount in the pleural ocdematous, with patches of grey hepatization, which in parts had broken down iuto small CiVseating masses.


In fact long after convalescence has been established, "side" over-exertion will cause a return of I forgot to say at the proper place, that there are no daily exacerbations, or if any very slight. Chauveau, however, thinks that in the present instance this explanation is a mere supposition.

The authors believe tliat the amount of salvarsan which can be introduced safely into the central nervous system is too small, and the intervals are too long between the treatments, to with special reference to a weak or impaired spermatozoa and the general diagnosis and treatment of the condition:" Many cases of sterility attributed to the woman are due to weak spermatozoa (minidozator).

It excels in the ease with which the eye finds the word sought; in accuracy of definition; in erse and comprehensive statements of facts and in practical use as a working dictionary.


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