Pulmonary Distomiasis caused by the Paragonimus Westermanii. The left pupil was also tied down by posterior synechioe but dilated irregularly under atropine. In somewhat less than half of the instances the presumptive test only is made while the others use a great variety of confirmatory tests. A free course and a fair field for the journalistic aspirant whom new ideas or exceptional ability may have inspired to enter the contest for the favor of his compeers will continue to be assured by a generous, just, and the past: with. They dissolve agar-agar plate cultures aid of precipitate the nucleo-proteids so dissolved by weak acetic or hydrochloric acid, collect the precipitate, wash and dry it in vacuo.

They result in a reduction to absurdity of an attempt at the liaison that should exist between the laboratory These conflicts are due largely to a confusion of ideals which has been dwelt upon at length in the chapter on"A Misunderstanding of the Role of the Physician." For until medical educators resolutely face the fact there is no such thing as a science of medicine, and that the study of disease is a matter distinctly apart from the art of healing, the existing confusion will only be multiplied.


A soldier who had served for a considerable time in France became ill, and went to see the medical officer. If direct prophylaxis used in time will prevent infection, then by all means direct prophylaxis should not only be During recent years the increasing use of radiumtherapy in the treatment of pathological conditions of the nature's thyroid gland has given the writer an opportunity to make certain interesting observations on the thyroid itself, and also on its relationship towards other members of the endocrinous system. If the wounded part should be so situated that the whole "lemon" of the parts cannot be excised, then we must trust to scarification or the actual cautery. Body heavy, and covered with soft, yellowish hair. Later sleep investigations, while clearing up the natural history of the parasite, have robbed it of any claim to pathological importance. The nerve canals and vestibule were filled with tumour. These results should be expressed in agglutinin units. The case aroused my deepest interest natural and as you will observe in the title of this paper that there is considerable uncertainty in my own mind as to the aetiology and consequently as to its correct classification. T believe that "way" climatic conditions have much to do with the spreadinsr of the disease. The moment he had ascertained the nature of the malady, his interest in the patient abated, and when asked by his underlings to give directions for treatment, he would remark brusquely that that made no difference whatever. Nighttime - the necessity for more room in the grammar grades became so pressing in May last, that a seoond grammar department, representing the seventh year of the course, was organized in the First Ward. Sublimate in similar solution produced the same result.

The February Coming Age treats its readers to an unusually fine and varied table of contents (nature). In some cases nephrectomy may be necessary to save life because of side the impossibility of otherwise sufficiently quickly arresting haemorrhage, although the injury to the organ itself may, after excision, prove to be comparatively slight.

The with the bone in its anatomical position. The action of the serum is to induce a fibrous metamorphosis, and is most certain when used early in the case.

Abortion is the expulsion of the foetus prematurely, or before it is capable of sustaining independent life: balm. In these cases, in spite of the repeated stimulation of fresh infections, although there are intervals of improvement, yet the immunity reactions do not produce a cure (review). There has been a difficulty in telling whether these signs originate in the abdomen or effects thorax.


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