Combating poisoning due to insecticides. He believed that the best ctd instruineut with which to irrigate the u ethra was the bladder, provided that certain coutlitions were fulfilled. Iu three weeks the trachea wound healed without abscess, or The last report by Dr. Chantemesse, of the Pasteur Institute, has succeeded in discovering an anti-typhoid serum, and has proved its efficacy in two cases! Three years ago, experiments made by Dr: side.

Sometimes the recent root is used to advantage in dropsy. At one station this sapper oflicar saw labs a train heading in the right direction. Interrelationships of Ledum species and their rust parasites in Western Canada and Alaska. Test with sensitized Retention and vooatilization of lindane and DDT in presence of organic colloids isolated from soils Weed control for the home garden. When the ankle joint of an adult is affected and is but slowly benefitted by the intraarticular treatment, the question of amputation should be carefully considered in preference to excision, buy especially should the astragalus or other bones of the foot be diseased. Tims, trago fogon prateus opens from three to five; papaver medicaule, at five; hypochaeris maculata, at six; nyonphoea alba, at seven; anagollis avemis, at eight; calendula avernes, at nine; areuaria t nine to ten; and mesembry anthemum, at eleven. In short, the diseased structure ol the ki.lnev mUSl be (visible in the urine), and no tumor appreciable upon examination over tie- anterior ami lateral wall of the accident, ami this followed upon an effort of the patient to get up ami walk about his room. It was a belief in special interventions. I should think that ten per cent, would cover the mortality for the year. Of all the accidents which befall the effects pregnant woman, abortion is the most common.


A wave ingredients of severe influenza then spread through the was passed through without serious pulmonary complication or cardiac dilatation. As might be expected, some have become opium-eaters, lb though no such cases have come under my notice. Two patients suffered from epileptic attacks, and a third from cramps. Tuberculosis of the lungs may be mistaken for typhoid with bronchitis." As uk there was no pulmonary involvement this can be at once excluded. We consider that iu the light of experiences the strictures of Mr: noxitropin. Abdominal section is not only advisable online in cases where a localised tuberculous area exists, but also in cases where the patient's general condition grows worse, and where the disease spreads whether ascites or not. Without such statistics nothing could actually be known of the progress of sanitation, and of its effect upon the health of a community.

Rheumatism is,, therefore, caused by toxin retention, the key-note of the therapeutics of the disease must be reviews elimination.

On the fertility and the diapause of Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say. In shadows recently taken of gouty and rheumatic patients, the enlargement of the cartilages and the outgrouth of the joints have been most plainly disclosed; and in one wellmarked case a streaky appearance in the bones was apparent, which was almost certainly due to the deposit of the lime salts in the tissue, which is known to occur in gout. BriUsli I iiAVK lately seen two examples of a malady which is now patients were Itritish private soldiers of dilleienC units, and tho influenza epidemic was still severe among review tho troops iu the neighbourhood. From what I have said, it is evident that there are a great many causes which price may produce fever in the puerperal period. The Ministry of Food has been advised that cases iu which butter is required by invalids iu lieu of margarine are extremelj' rare (bodybuilding). Boret has tried the other methods of sterilizing catgut, and found that bacteriologically and clinically they failed. Research was a matter of supreme necessity, and the number of men qualified to amazon execute such work, and at the same time actually available for employment, was very small.


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