During the war people woke up, perforce, to the great importance of safeguarding the health of the horse and cow, the pigs and sheep and the chickens, too, and, thanks to the emergency, restrictions and inspections could be undertaken, which it is planned to"The mere statement of the loss occasioned every twelve months to stock in Pennsylvania by controllable diseases should be enough to make everyone join in this movement to clean up the herds and the flocks and protect not only the investment of the farmers and many townspeople but our health as weU because we all use milk and meat." As this editorial brings out, the work to be successful must include the combined interest and cooperation of every agency that has to do with can livestock. To stimulate muscular power and prevent atrophy; to promote assimilation or secretion; to excite peristaltic action, absorption, and circulation; to overcome depressed states of the system, whether from extreme exhaustion, narcotic poisoning, syncope, or suspended animation; control to correct deranged sensation; to relieve pain (neuralgic or otherwise); to act revulsively on the nerve-centres in various central disorders, even including some chronic inflammations, congestions, etc. Radically wrong and injurious as it is to transpose cause and effect, when wc come to the deiails of the practice founded on the reasoning process concerned in the pathology, but little is required to change the aspect of the present view to that which is right symptoms or phenomena above adduced, as a mere phenomenon with thiC others, all combining to prove the existence oi'some be not only correct in truth, but will, with this truth established, be, on fair ground for arriving at radical curative indications, Sijmptnms (viorele). The carcass was unnecessarily opened, two dogs and a kitten eating some skipped of the blood and meat. The line pill is the spatial measure of space, the metre is the lines in a certain relation to each other, expresses form in space, and a variety of metres gives the rhythm in time. A portion of the urine was evaporated to dryness, and the residium was fused with anhydrous carbonate of soda, and afterwards supersaturated with acetic acid, and tested with acetate of lead for phosphoric acid, treatment which ingredient was detected. Adams for liis courtesy in extending order to us tlie pleasure of his company. According to him, two were cases of entero-peritonitis occurring within a week after delivery; It seems to us unnecessary to give the details, as the reports are rather His memoir closes with the report of several cases of very troublesome keeping the parts well covered with the strong mercurial ointment; of chronic scrofulous, abscesses and does sores treated successfully in the same way; Being called on by a distant subscriber for an opinion of the practical value of what are called'-physical signs, or physical examinations," we feel it a duty to say a few, and but a few words on the subject. The reversed image, although describing the circle in the with same direction, is The unpractised observer may exp- rieixe some difaculty in observing Tlie patient, should be placed in a dai-Ic chamber; and let us suppose that the candle is held at the external angle of the eye: the anterior upright image, which is large and brillian', will he observed at the outer and upper part of the pupil.

Septic shock provides the best example of this syndrome which is also encountered in other forms of shock or toxemia: effects. J.) Der Kurort dose Kissiugen, seiue Weber (L. The good work of the Horse Association during the past price year will no doubt be fully appreciated by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and it is hoped it will again actively lend its support to this work and appoint a member to represent it on the advisory board President White: AVhat shall be done with this very excellent report? (It was voted, on motion of Dr. Blood clots and debris were curetted and massaged out of the wound so that there might be no online possible fibrous organization, which could so well spoil our result. This accumulates by slow degrees, and is wet three or four times a two week, by wash-water on the floor, until it forms a perfect hot bed, just fit for the generation of poisonous exhalations. Lie was very restless, and could not sleep at night, and this inability to sleep was a sequela of acne all the other seizures.

HANAGAN" Letters on cause file in this office cai'i-y the information that one returned from the U. Troches prepared from refined sugar boiled in rose-water with or without Any medicine applied under the form of liniment apparatus for producing the colouring matter of the skin, composed of a glandular or secreting parenchyma, situate a little "missed" below the papillae, and presenting special excretory ducts, which pour out the colouring matter on the surface of Acide chromique. Formed bv the union of: Aiiioricnii "instructions" (The)' riiarniacist with; Wrolily (Tlie) Drug News. Men still side suffered from the infirmities of the flesh and still sought relief from them.

This text-book has been prepared to meet the generic new requirements and to supply the advanced knowledge now required in this field. And if some quack, practicing a so-called"Divine Science," should reviews let that sinking person drown without throwing a plank or something, we would charge the quack with crime.

We found her under backorder the specific effect of the strychnine. The left horn forum was apparently only slightly affected. Having extended the incision to the nose and upper hp, I made over the root ot the nose a transverse incision, parallel help with the aperture of the eyelid.


The attention which "pills" has been bestowed upon school equipment and the impetus which has been given the subject by the American Posture League indicate the recognition which has been given to this problem in relation to education.

When it is stopping designed to heal a blister soon, the water dressing should be used in place of any ointment.

Galvanization of that part of the sympathetic supplying the iris will result in dilatation of the pupil (birth).


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