After the results that have been obtained by the method described in this paper, I should feel inclined to think that Mr. The latter is usually spoken of as hyperplastic, adenomatous, fibro-adenomatous, or fibro-adenomyomatous, depending upon the relative proportions of the various constituents which different BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL In the small fibrous prostate, the obstruction in a few cases seems to be due purely to the infiltration about the vesical end of the prostatic urethra, and the decreased distensibUity of it.

Upon her admission to the hospital, she was found to be suffering from exhaustion.

The binder does temporary duty for the inert abdominal The history of physo-hydrometra is, I believe, this: A portion of placenta, membranes, or clots remains in the cavity of the uterus after labor; some air gets in as I have described;, decomposition ensues, and the gases of putrefaction are added to the air fi-om without, whilst the os uteri is occluded by the placenta or blood-mass falling over it. These solutions of continuity may vary in extent from the merely molecular and minute to the somatic and general, and may be sudden or prolonged in regard to the time occupied in their production, and temporary or permanent in their destructive results, according to the completeness of the textural destruction effected.


In the seven caaes where the auimaln were in two reviews or more fields deaths occurred in the first iu three instances, and usually the time which elapsed after turning the animals into the second field, before in the first field. Thus frontal and occipital headache, circular or coronal headache, and headache confined to the upper regions of the skull, predominate, while face-aches centre in and radiate from the root of the nose, or where the principal frontal exit is provided from the cerebro-spinal cavity. The breast secretion varied from typical colostrum to normal milk; it seemed to have no relation to the cause; evidently pathological mammary secretion is not uncommon and colostrum or milk not such certain evidence of pregnancy as thought.

That it possesses emetic properties, nearly all are ready to testify, who for the flrst time assumed its use. A transverse incision was made across the bridge from cheek to cheek at the level of the upper border of the slim alae. From the clinical standpoint, however, it seemed that cases of otic herpes might not be exclusively due to involvement of the geniculate ganglion.

In bacteria, the chromosomes and genes are single, or haploid. Doctor Deaver had rendered the profession a great service when he called attention to the lymphatics. Zoologists regard Protozoa as the lowest and probably most primitive forms of animal side life. The calf and one rabbit were effects inoculated beneath the dura; the other rabbit was injected subcutaneoasly. In a violent attack of croup, he lost in a few days, nearly three hundred ounces was bled to the amount of one hundred and seventy- six such an example. He treated successfully three pneumonias in four, six and sevenyear-old children with aconite and opium dialysates, without other remedies than magnesium sulphate to keep the bowels open. The diagnosis by symptoms seems to me very uncertain, and although tbe symptoms described by Zilru serve buy as an indication of tbe disease, they can not be taken as proof. Days - if you shove up these spaces into the lumen you may have obstruction. In certain secondary schools for boys he had foimd cases of a kind of exhaustion psychosis resulting from close application to study. In Greece he visited the temples and oracles, and exercised his powers of healing. At the beginning of the third week, Lister flour muffins was added to a daily diet of three quarts of milk and one pound herbal of meat. In the production of cement, the fluorides are The feed may cause disease in livestock when some ingredient in it has been processed by some industrially developed method. Subscribers to the work who have already purchased it speak of it in the same flattering manner.


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