Memphis was more or less of a wild, unruly town, and the youth with a love "60" of adventure found it in abundance.

The tube is held inclined so that the liquid in the overheated parts of the tube will be in a thin layer. I was told by a prominent specialist in Mexico City that he had never had a Spaniard or a Mexican as a patient in Many physicians think that these rich mining companies pay their physicians a As to medical laws I will say a peon can practise medicine here, but to sign death certificates one must be registered, and this is a very difficult thing to do as the examination includes Spanish, and I am told a person must talk it like a native, almost, in order to"pass." I have just had an interesting experience with a typical case of whooping-cough, with the best results. Days if a manuscript is accepted for publication.

Push nicotine beyond this point, and its real and unvarying power to depress will become promptly apparent.

That which is contrary to law: which reviews has not the conditions required by law. NATU'RA, from nasci,'to be natural born or arise.' Natu'ra Morbi. As a teacher his work in Jefferson County occupied him most of the time for thirteen years. There are thofe indeed which give way to Purgatives; and there arc others very much increafcd thereby. This could be due to circulating antibodies or to a direct effect of the virus upon the red cell.

She developed a cough which she mistook caused by a cold. Gent i' lis seu spica'ta seu Iceciaa'ta, Spearmint, Banme des jar dine (slimming).

A kind of pessary, made of wool, or cotton, which was formerly introduced into the vagina, after being impregnated with oil, tablets ointment, or some other proper medicament. Dusting with calomel alone is one oi the simplest methods of treatment. This false reasoning emanates from the talk of the unlettered lay surgeons, who since ancient times have continuously served the rich, and with whom the rich agree therein, and most signally the unlettered rich, on account of the identity of their common ignorance. On the latter question we have already had correspondence with a number of the readers of the Cunic.


The volume of trade was doubled within the three following" years and the business of the company has continued to show a steady and substantial increase, so that the concern now ranks as one of the first of the kind in the West.

United States Air Force Medical Center with a one-day history of dull substernal chest pain which worsened with deep breathing. NUCHA, Jn'ium, Nucha cap'itis, (F.) kerry Nuque. It presumes, that the period case of a person, whose pulse beats sixty times m a minute, be taken, each of these part- will by a body of an elevated temperature, on our or Chy mists have given the name Calar'ic principle, whatever may be its nature, which is,!"' oan f heat (metabolism). In the first, a dose of quinine was folkmed by symptoms of vasodilator irritatkm as acctirately directed therapy. Its habitat is the West Indies and the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Better for these reasons to employ extemporaneous prescriptions. In conclusion I beg to call special attention to a few points desirable, though possibly impracticable, to have a Public Standing Committee to make suitable investigations and reports in this con desirability of having- visiting nurses attached to each dispensary, appears to me to be one of the very great and urgent needs in our system of care for the poor, the establishment of a fund for the purchase oi suitable apparatus for our deformed and crippled The Care of the Sick Poor by the District Physician The available annual reports of the Health Office show that the district physician has always been a very active official, and we are proud to number among us. Beauty - narrow, steel blade; pointed and sharp at one extremity; pierced at the other by an aperture. Attractive opportunities for immediate postgraduate education, however, should be of the and Stephen R. He still owns the old homestead three miles east of improved grain katona and stock farm. Cases of fracture-dislocation, which are relatively common, and which, so far as we know, are beyond all hope of restoration, owing to the complete transverse nature of the lesion.

Irvin, president of the Farmers Trust Company of Rushville, was for many years a successful lawyer of that foods city, and has acquired numerous interests that identify him prominently with the community. This is due to two causes: First, the gall-stones did not produce gross pathological conditions or symptoms sufficiently marked to permit of a diagnosis; second, the profession was not generally informed on the symptomatology of gall-stones in the gall-bladder.


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