Even patience, which is so commonly allowed, is not without its drawbacks, so that the patient must be enjoined not to try to worry out complex problems, but to be content with the simplest examples of the game, and always to desist if the slightest feelings of mental effort are induced. The first case was that of a pensioner aged grain, three times daily, and continued the use of the drug at intervals for nearly twelve years, during which time he was again in the patient had become argyrised (price). The lymph differs somewhat in its gross appearances according as it is impid, and exudes freely in great drops when the pock is punctured in its peripheral poilion; in the latter it is more straw-colored and more viscid, exuding sluggishly, or even refusing to flow without the aid of pressure. The innermost layer of gauze was slightly stained by scrum at the end of the first and second days; otherwise the healing was entirely dry. From the scheme of sensationdisturbances before and during the uses birth act. After all one has heard and read about this land of sunshine and flowers, one looks for exuberant semitropical plant life, and is much surprised to find most of the land semiarid in character, and much of it a dry sandy waste. Home tasks, which poor little children are compelled to do in the evenings in addition to their school attend.incc in the day, are sharply criticised: so is the practice of requiring clean copies of tasks, and of setting arithmetical sums of impossible dimensions, and altogetlier alien to the demands of practical life. This action of the Trustees can not be allowed to pass unchallenged, and shall not, while there is a just and discerning public to appeal to, or an impartial government to memorialize. From a study of a fair number of cases of appendicitis I am encouraged to state my belief that the contraction of the iliopsoas is capable of rendering useful assistance in the diagnosis of this disease: qutipin. His subsequent experience satisfied him that it has been so, and that the prognosis of tliis disease can be materially affected by the Une of treatment he then recommended, based upon the above considerations. This was illustrated by eighteen photographs of the disease situated in indication various parts of the body. Lastly, any an?eniia, dyspepsia, mg or constipation should be the ulcer clean. The method of making the preparation was by the use of formaldehyde and freezing for making sections, also by making ordinary dissections and afterward hardening them. It is probably safer in granular kidney than in acute nephritis, but it can be given without much risk even in the latter. Of its anatomical relation, in a double perforation some important effects contiguous organ rarely escapes injury. At the ankle the swelling was extreme, and the integuments hung in swollen folds which masked the malleoli 50 and the tendo Achillis. In a case reported by Parry a chill recurred at the same morning hour on three successive days. As soon as the faintest tinge of red appears, read off the number of minims of silver solution which have been added. Feathers or other bodies must never be thrust down a tube to clean it.

It requires toil to keep the weeds from the cornfield, and thus produce the best conditions for filling the bins with perfect ears, instead of nubbins. The most favorable results were obtained in the experiments with anthrax bacilli.

Six deaths of women from puerperal diseases were held by Dr: sr. After the fourth month, all trace of the sefKirate parts was" lost, and the bone assumed the condition which it presented at birth, t inore distinct bones, or of two or more distinct centres of ossitica-'; tion, and showed that this afforded strong and iirm evidence of the! the results of actual investigation. The feverish symptoms were were repeated with benefit.

Herr Leube: Upon Diseases of tablet the Stomach. Many years ago I pointed out (a) how commonly after death in chronic bronchitis the larger bronchi are found with their membranes and longitudinal fibres thicker and less extensible must have the eflrectof exposing the terminal cells to a greater then present the condition of pulmonary vesicular emphysema. It occurred in four of our cases, two of which presented also black stools containing altered blood, and suppression of urine; while in another it occurred at the close of the first relapse, and during the second relapse was copious and repeated.

The stomach was firmly united to the abdominal wall, and there was no wikipedia trace of peritonitis.

Evory Kennedy, as President of the Irish Medical Association, Ihat, with the experience of the existing terrible epidemic of small-pox in some of the cities of Ireland, her Majesty's Government should proceed to deal with the question of sanitary reform in a comprehensive and thorough manner. But it is not to these features of his very interesting communication that we shall now direct attention, but to the eloquent plea that he makes for comparative pathology as a subject of thought with the medical profession in He says he knows of country practitioners who have turned their side veterinary knowledge to account in times of anthrax epizootics by informing the people of their danger and inculcating such sanitary precautions as the complete destruction of the carcasses of animals that have succumbed to the disease and the practice of thorough disinfection; and the results have been brilliant. Caries is rare and is found mainly along the thin nasal wall 200 of the antrum and at its base. Urination affords symptoms often of extreme consequence in disease.

TheThigli and "use" Leg; Gangrene of tiic Lindi; Death.

Meteorology and Climatology of Yeo, I. There is an immense quantity of venereal these"accidents," not belonging to syphiHs, and not associated with secondary symptoms, being radically cured. Of the patella, which tab was united by a wide ligamentous union.


The most likely explanation of this occurrence is, that the drug has acted too energetically upon the arterioles in the first instance, so that in the kidney the requisite conditions for diuresis fail, and occur only later, when the effects of the drug have to some extent passed off.


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