A east in Photographed at the Army SViedJcail Museum, BY ORDER OF THE SURGEON GENERAL:"Prepared under the supervisiofi of Gunshot Fracture of the Upper Third of the Right Femur.


Cultures of the bacillus smell strongly of butjrric acid was caused by the presence of proteus mirahilis. More than one hundred women are treated there by operations, clinical assistant, and he has in addition service. The pain in the hip and thigh became more severe and wedge constant, extending down the leg to the very tips of his toes.

But the attacks are generally not so severe; only rarely are plunging, roUing on the back bellowing or leaping into the manger to be seen. In a July number of New York Medical Record the subject was still further discussed, my reasons for my change in the treatment being clearly set forth, and giving Dr.

A small bottle of laudanum for the nurse's use after the operation. We attribute these results chiefly to the following a) The carrying out of preventive methods of treatment such as ophthalmia schools and school clinics, summer camps, mothers' b) More minute care of acute, as well as of chronic cases, including the specific treatment given chiefly at clinics and the c) Non-operative procedures in a large number of cases formerly of the cases of chronic conjunctivitis (especially of the papillary type) as well as in those of acute catarrhal conjunctivitis (including varieties, have not yet been differentiated from B. It was believed to be strictly confined to the negro race, and was looked upon as a peculiar form reviews of nostalgia. Res - serological studies for NA to determine the earlier presence of LV infections in Africa were therefore conducted at the Atlanta laboratories of the US Centers for sera obtained from missionaries returning to the United had lived in Central and West Africa.

Afterwards the diet spray consists of soft-boiled eggs, chicken broth, toast, and boiled muslin are given every second or third day. Then hold the music book with the lines horizontal and again move it until the lines appear most distinctly, the distance from the eye will be the vertical focus; open the right eye and shut or cover the left and proceed in the same way to ascertain the two foci of the right eye, always recollecting that to measure the horizontal focus the music lines must be held vertically, and to measure the vertical focus the music lines Hawkins adds that these and other observations in the same article are the results of eighteen years of experience, so that it is probable that he understood that lenses formed by two equal cylinders either convex or concave, crossing one another at right angles, piano-cylinders and unequal crossed cylinders that The next contribution upon the subject is that of Airy, the Royal Astronomer of England, described in Airy was the first to discover abnormal astigmatism; that is, astigmatism that interfered with vision, in fact, in his own left eye.

A complete, illustrated syllabus will be forwarded to anyone The practice of injecting antiseptic and antituberculous substances into abscesses and sinuses in cases of surgical tuberculosis has been less followed in this country than it has been in France, notably by Calot.

To complete a cure a sea voyage is recommended, and my experience has generally been that a patient so returning after an attack of typhoid fever is in a far better state of health than he has been in for years. The discharge is at first entirely or comparatively inodorous. Carlyle said the picture was of" an idiot that had taken Glauber's salts and lost his eyesight," and he was disgusted in a draw any conclusions from it. Old people, sick people, and convalescents, whose nervous force has been lowered, are also very susceptible to diseases like this, and with them it is very apt to be fatal.

The doctor visited them at intervals. The authors give excellent reasons for believing that the morbid growth was a papillomatous cancer; they maintain that the infection of the right ovary was secondary, quoting my observations concerning infection of Professor Sanger removed a papillary cancer of the right tube" as Thornton's case, there was a history of menorrhagia. The fluid contained in proliferating cysts is usually viscid; but it varies greatly in consistence and colour in different tumours, and even in different cavities of the same tumour. It is urged by many advisers that duplication of preparations Bhould be avoided, and, as an abstract principle, this seems reasonable and attractive; but when we attempt to act upon this suggestion difficulties however, be altogether satisfactory. Contagious pleuropneumonia and the sporadic inflammations of the respiratory organs. When a member, three years ago, introduced the subject, I foresaw an element of discord; when a year later, Dr'. Their food was exactly the same as that of the ordinary European soldiers, with the exception of the lime-juice ration. Quantities of sand are often about in the bowel, they seldom give rise to symptoms of cohc. An antihereditive medicine has not so far been discovered effective after For forty-two or forty-three years after this Browning lived, but I find few data of value or trustworthiness for further knowledge of his clinical biography. But careful enquiry into cases reported from various sources serves to suggest that the enlargement of the glands might be due not to the action of the specific poison of yaws, but to the absorption of septic matter, so frequent is the association of the adenitis described with the occurrence of irritation and ulceration of the yaws situated on the area drained by the glands involved.


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