An alcoholic liquor, obtained from cherries bruised with their stones, by weather subjecting them to distillation, after having caused them to KLAPROTHIUM SULPHURICUM, see Cadmii sulphas. Bre'vls, a muscle of the leg, arising from the lower two-thirds of the external surface of the fibula and inserted into the leg, arising from the tuberosity of the tibia and upper two-thirds of the fibula and passing obliquely under the sole of the foot to be inserted occasional muscle arising from the back of the fibula, between the peronseus brevia and the from the lower fourth of the fibula, under the third of the fibula and inserted into the outer the articular suiiaoes are concave in one direction and convex in another. It begins in the right iliac region; ascends along the right flank, till beneath the liver, when it crosses the upper part of the abdomen, descends into the left iliac fossa, and plunges into the pelvic cavity, to gain the volpino anus. It divides into two parts, one joining the second temporal convolution.

Glands in the neck were somewhat enlarged. Roe said that where the deviation was limited to the cartilaginous septum, he was in the habit of dividing it with a bistoury in the direction of greatest convexity, then forcing it into position with Adams's forceps, or a similar instrument, rather over-correcting the deformity.

Pyogenesis; also, the same as Ptoobnic thin, yellowish, flaky layer on the interior of the wall of an abscess, formerly supposed to secrete pas. In ancient Egypt there were temples and priests for the care of the insane.

Le - the sound on percussion is clear, and on both sides equally so.

The trichinae may live within the muscles for an indefinite period. The translation has been well done, but it is curious to find a New York man following the error of the original in speaking of the late Dr. The Non-cutting or Unbloody Operation of Lorenz tor the Reposition of Congenital Dislocation of the Hip. Costa - kM'Sl A T A N r ( i IOSIS, Haemadonosus. Partial, when the words are only slightly mispronounced and when some certain words cannot be pronounced at all.

And have all taught me lessons in life that I will carry with me forever.

Its use is to close the windfinder eye, by bringing the eyelids together.

This disease appears mostly in delicate children, who are poor eaters and fond of books; usually in those inheriting poor constitutions. In it is a remarkable opening, called the gluteal arch, for the passage of the gluteal island vessels and nerves. Tendons, the hamstrings: because they form the boundaries of the I)opliteal space. Their minds will dwell upon the subject, and it is best for them to think along correct lines. The general attorney or assistant general attorney shall have charge of all actions for malpractice against individual members of the Association on behalf of such members whenever their defense is authorized by the Association, through the Council, the Executive Committee or the Secretary of more than local importance whether involving interpretation of ethics, definition of policy, decision in controversy, financial, organizational or other matter not provided for by the Constitution and By-Laws -which arise between annual sessions shall be referred to the Council for action, and its action shall be binding upon the Association and its component member societies, provided that the action by the Council is subject to review by the House of Delegates or by a general shall consist of the President, the President-elect, the Vice-President of the Association, the chairman of the Council, the chairman of the Auditing Committee, the Secretarv- Editor, and the general attorney. And yet, in certain states where repeated attempts have been made to put some such law into effect, it has never been possible to carry Why? Th ere seem to be four very explicit reasons why such a law always gets clogged and sidetracked in the legislative machinery and fails to get through. EpiXepey, a condition sometimes seen in chronic lead poisoning, marked disinfectant substance said to be distilled from sausage: called also AUantioBis and BotatitmuB. It also embraced certain cases belonging to Delafield's second subdivision, in which, beside tubercles, there is new fibrous tissue.

It acts as a stimulant and loosens the on retiring and during the day." This simple home remedy has been known to cure stubborn cases of constipation if kept up faithfully. It consisted of alternate treal rnent with eusol solution and hypertonic saline solution, to the entire exclustb of ointments. A knife, which is crooked orari and concave on its cutting edge. Another similar case died in six months, so it is therefore somewhat problematical whether we really add to the duration of life or not by an operation.

Lobe, the posterior portion of a cerebral hemisphere incompletely separated by the rounded end of the occipital lobe of the cerebrum.


There is, generally a severe sore throat, and this makes may present a slightly reddened appearance at the borders and tip. Fgfnn ttie stomach by the mouth; a belch.


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