The treatment should be conducted with great energy in accordance with the rules already given for the general treatment of syphilis. We must therefore assume that the infectious diseases are predisposing factors in the development of this disease. Many have been transferred to the care of the United States Public Health Service "somniphan" through the War Risk A number of changes affecting the administration of the Nurse signed which contams in its provisions authority to increase the pay Hereafter the members of the Army Nurse Corps shall have relative rank as follows: The superintendent shall have the relative rank of major; the assistant superintendents, director, and assistant directors, the relative rank of captain; chief nurses, the relative rank of second lieutenant; and as regards medical and sanitary matters and all other work within the line of their professional duties shall have authority in and about military hospitals next after the officers of the Medical Department. (Esophageal cancer is almost always of primary origin and epithelial character.


On account of its prompt action, it is valuable in malignant cases, but the hypodermic use of mercury is more The iodides are appropriate to those cases in which late manifestations appear prematurely during the secondary stage.

There was atrophy of the left optic nerve, with degeneration of the left lateral and Health and a director of the State InsaneAsylum at Trenton.

Extensive oedema having repeatedly been present, the disturbance in motion as well as in sensibility seemed to me to be of an ischsemic nature rather than caused by a direct trauma to the nerves. These have been administered by the mouth, by inhalation, subcutaneous and intravenous injection, inunction, and direct injection into the lung; and sulphuretted hydrogen gas has even been pumped into the rectum. Indeed, these vessels may become passively dilated because of the increased blood pressure. Sometimes a tendency to hemorrhage is coincident with the process of transudation.

The part is opaque, whitish, stiff, and thickened, occasionally rough and hard. A number of these have been reconstructed and consolidated from except such as are used for ingredients storerooms.

The lesions found after death and the course of the disease, however, are widely different, and no family history of haemophilia can be traced. During the progress of rapid malignant disease, however, fever is likely to occur, and in the last stages it may be of a hectic type.

The other half of the fibers in each nerve do not cross in the chiasm, but continue through the brain by a path which leads to the visual center on the same side of the body as the eye in which they arose.

These cases are very frequently complicated with hemorrhages from all the orifices, and into all the tissues of the body. Various degrees of general paralysis, in which deglutition, articulation, vision and locomotion may be involved. Both from his own data and conclusions, and from the experiments of Bordet and others, Ehrlich iu the past few years has developed a concept fascinating in detail and increasingly more convincing. When he became very much excited he was given valerianate of ammonia and bromide of sodium. It is interesting to find that in chloroma again we have a corresponding lesion affecting both the lymphoid and myeloid tissues. In view of the greatly increased viscosity of the blood the absence of much cardiac hypertrophy Pathology. The care of gardens and grounds and many forms of outdoor occupation provide manual work of all grades, from very light work to that entailing great muscular exertion. Moure, is due to the abolition of the inhibitory action of the nerve upon serous exosmosis.


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