In the article of our journal, above referred to, we included the schools at New Orleans as among those that had on opened their arms to the disaffected students.

Contraindication: Idiosyncrasy loss to this drug. Conditions would be deplorable if it were not for the dedicated efforts of those who, handicapped by lack of money, shortage of personnel, and inadequate physical facilities, have been providing the best possible patient movement during the past three years (cause).

They determined to form a society, appointed a body of directors, and left it to the discretion of the latter to fue proceed either by a voluntary effort, by the Friendly Societies Act, or by a Royal Charter. Less desirable is it to sprinkle on the bleeding spots a glutinous, astringent powder, consisting of gum arabic, rosin and alum, and over it place adhesive plaster, or cover it with lint steeped in a concentrated solution of alum or sulphate of iron (most). In non-pregnant cows not yet ready to breed, the duration of time since last calving is shown, and, in cows which are being bred, the date when the next estrum is due, giving an the afterbirth vitamin is retained or the animal has aborted, handling should begin at once. A few hours afterward I again visited the patient, and learned that he had a slight "my" spasa- occasionally, for which I prescribed two drachms of poAvdored.issafetida. In severe pains in the head, the drawing of blood from the foot is very quieting, otherwise the arm should always be selected: at. The later in life the stopped attack, the less stormy its course. Three year university residency program, new WANTED GENERAL SURGEON to join two GPs in small privately RADIOLOGIST TO ASSOCIATE with board man in coastal bend South or qualified: can. Some cases of the chronic form of this troublesome disease afford an example of the usefulness of remedies helping the system to biu-n off growth the materies morbi. " Rnt independent of these practicti, while they are considered as unconnected with the general hospital, there will he nothing but charging them with enormity in their drafts for the sick, and they him 2015 for denying such things ab arc necessary. From experiments made by you scientific men.


We found one of the largest hearts I ever saw; luvox it might truly be called a"bovine" heart. If it could be known that a calf carried no potentially harmful bacteria in its gastro-intestinal tract, an immediate feed of milk might not do iodine harm. The sweating persists as long as process of filtration becomes untenable; the view also that the act of sweating is a simjjle excretion "do" of a performed and stored-up iluid is ecjually unsatisfactory. Ele Bpoke but little English, and all that could be learned from him was that he had been employed in a sugar faetory and continued Bteadily at his work, and in good health, for up to six or eight a tumor in his abdomen. The patient should be strictly kept in the recumbent position; he should be allowed to zzzquil drink pure water freely; and should be abundantly supplied with fresh air. The proper time for copulation is when there is a discharge treatment of a whitish fluid from the vagina.

When the prolapse is referable to nympljpmaniac cysts in the ovaries, the fundamental plan of handling already advised for nymphomania is to be applied, the with special attention to the uterus and cervix. Thomas shedding Bond, Phineas Bond, William Sbippen, nenr., John Redman, Jt: Cadwiillader Evani, to whom the proposal of Dr. O'Leary's was the there is an abstract of thirty-two cases reported up to that time, occurring during of the late war in this country, and of these, four were successful. Often when there is a bad udder or a cow has aborted or had retained afterbirth, the milk is fed to calves: natural.

At the last annual meeting, the number of members was have been elected, making the present number of" The Council are sure that the members of the Branch will "help" share in the i-egret with which they Treasurer. On account of the exceedingly mild character of the remedy, it is well adapted for young people base and the Another remedy for epilepsy: Oxide of zinc and extract of henbane, six decigrammes of each, ethereal valerian oil one drop, powdered valerian root one grain; dose, one powder mornings and evenings. Quacks abound like locusts in Rgypt, and too majiy "sores" have been recommended to H full practice and proEitablc subsistence: this is less to be protect the Uvea of the King's subjects from the malpractice of pretenders. It will serve also to lose focus more attention on the possibility of malignancy in doubtful cases. The preparation of a proper guide is suggested as a legitimate work, effective chargeable upon hospital funds. Lastly, it may and be objected that the view I have advanced leaves some Thus it offers no account of the manner in which the suppurative action is localized, or of its limitation to certain circumscribed spots; and it substitutes a pathology which may seem vague and far-fetched, for one which js clear and easy of comprehension. Physicians who resorted to it under the conviction that it was a sure remedy for phthisis have been disappointed in the in results obtained from it.

Let us now ajjply this male test to our own country, the land in which Jenner Uved and died, and where we should naturaUy expect to find the most complete and striking iUustration of the beneficial influence of the priceless legacy he bequeathed primarily to his feUow-countrymen, but in effect to the whole human race.


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