When her chest was examined, slie complained of the sale pressure of the stethoscope.


The appetite is gradually lost, elite the hair stares, the thirst is great, and fever is present. And Mrs P., who was standing by the bedside at the time, removed all doubt upon this point, by saying that her Imsband was' too intelligent, if anything,' and that he was never tired of hearing read books requiring attention and for thought. All these organs are kept in place in the following manner: By the ligaments, peritoneal bands, by the abdominal wall, by their own volvune and by canada an inherent tendency to retain their normal relation. I have known many who on entering on this calling were very delicate, and who, nevertheless, though tlicir dutv obliged them to blow for hcnirs consumption, eight children of hers fell victims to the to our dreaded art in order to conquer pulmonary A CASE OF GUNSHOT WOUND OF THE Os Fridiiy, tlij S'ith of Marcli, early in the afternoon, Mr (price). They therefore suggested that a committee be apjiointed to confer licensed with the American Medical Association on the subject, as well as the proper signs to lie adopted to designate the correctness of larger doses when intended by the iiUysiciau.

It contains a valuable collection of standard works; iwi various periodicals are regularly taken in, and a number of the modern text books are added from time to time for LABORATORIES, THEATRES AND CLASS ROOMS. During the last three sar months there has been some failure of vision and the hearing has got much worse, especially on the left side.

A very 5mg fine needle and ordinary hypodermic syringe can be used. As they are for the most part cases m which distension of the sac is unaccompanied by acute intiammation, they would formerly have been virtually left without treatment; for, to make a woimd through the skin into the sac for the purpose of iiitroclucing a style, would hardly have been tliou";ht justifiable, and any other treatment whii'h did not mechanically open the closed nasal dm t -Hduld have been ahnost useless; while, at the same time, in addition to the aiuioyancc of the epiphora, the patient was in perpetual danger of acute inflammation of the sac, with its oonscquenees -abscess and fistula (trigger).

While we aim schlafen for this highest of standards, we particularly aim to make it the exponent of southern medicine, to encourage and assist in the development of scientific study and research in the South, and assist in the development and growth of scientific medicine in its highest sense. If no alarming symptoms mg show, the medicine may be reduced gradually in number of doses, to three times daily. Whole flocks have airsoft thus been lost. No effect has been produced upon the pupils or pulse; but the spasms are certainly influenced greatly (21). Already there are evidences of a strong jirofe-ssional sentiment in tlie proper channel, as is afforded by the steady "force" increase of medical students in the latter institutions, and the proportionate falling off of attendance upon smaller schools. Doctor Hall was a long distance from his practice and could not be expected to continue it Doctor Joseph M, Toner, who was the first to make the brilliant discovery that Rush was the only man actually engaged in practice at the time, may have been a great authority cost on Benjamin Rush, but evidently was not very strong on any of the other medical men. One of the peculiarities of tar-21 the disease is that it attacks the young and apparently most thriving stock; also, the suddenness with wliich it terminates, the animal often being found dead in the field before notice has been had of its being sick. Discharges from the nose, nasal gleet, sore throat, and other affections of rifle these organs, can be treated precisely as they are directed in the department for the horse. We regretted that we were buy not able to change surroundings by removal from room to room.

Robin's opinion, a has recently bled were cerebral hemorrhage with ventricular inundation, x95 acute nephritis with uraemic respiration, saturnine Bright's disease with epileptiform crises and enormous dyspnoea, cardiac asystolia with cyanosis, uremic coma with left hemiplegia, uraemic dyspnoea with hydrothorax, asystolic aortic insufficiency and pulmonary congestion, arterlo-sclerosis with mitral lesion; as well as others with oedema, anasarca, and dyspnoea. Hypertrophy and sclerosis of to, of making the anatomical features of disease the groundwork usa of its description.


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