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I then presented a case which had been operated upon by me in the j paper, which made an excellent recovery after removal of an ulcerated and perforated appendix (side). Cusiiiiig has said, there is only the one objection, that we run a risk of so disarranging tlie parts that we may get into trouble, as in the case that Dr: online. Almost always the milk which is found to be a source of disease uses is what we may speak of as a"dirty" milk. Field, ordered to special duty effects in the Bureau Asst. It would appear that the water of costo the Passaic River, the undoubted source of the trouble, was utilized by the water department only BOSTON MEDIGAi AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Reaction of grageas degeneration with prompt contraction from the nerve.

21 - the text of the editorial is a circular on tuberculosis for the guidance of the laity, issued by the Health Commissioner of Brooklyn and in which, according to our contemporary,"conditions seem to have been taken for granted which are not by any means incontrovertible facts; on the contrary, to some extent, they can be proved to be incorrect; and unless the ground upon which such provisions are based is indisputable and capable of being defended against any attacks of authorities upon such subjects, health authorities should be very cautious in formulating laws with regard to matters of this nature." After commending, with some reservation, the advice in the circular that" consumptives should not spit upon the sidewalk, or on public conveyances or contemporary says,"it has been found, however, that tubercle bacilli die in the sputum as soon as the latter becomes thoroughly dry, which fact will considerably diminish the urgency for such a law." If this really is a"fact" it must be admitted that not only the urgency for a prohibition of indiscriminate expectoration would be considerably diminished, but that the spread of consumption is by no means to be limited so easily as optimistic sanitarians assert in their But, is it a"fact?" Without having made an exhaustive search of the literature of the subject, the Journal will not undertake to deny the assertion, but would like" a bill of particulars. The size of the kidney, however, was not materially diminished, and Bead before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, April BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL: mg.


Ej'es which by virtue of their chronic or subacute pathological state are ripe for more destructive processes, which are lighted up by the onset of some constitutional disturbances, or by some extraordinary exertion or exposure to light or heat: bayer.

One of the congenital cases was very likely syphilitic iu origin, as the father had the disease at the time of the child's birth, but the notes were not definite on the Here the mental impairment was even more general but could understand nearly all that india was said to them, two were backward and mischievous, while one appeared almost bright, but was said by his mother to deficiency also. The principle recall laid down by Leibig, if fully confirmed, viz. Dunglison, BOSTON MEDICAL AND "user" SURGICAL JOURNAL.

Bartol usage spoke of, but the advantage of the ease of calculation of percentages it seems to me makes up for that. The left shoulder buy was at one time swollen and very tender. Tait's views on the diagnosis of tubal pregnancy before rujiture, in the very prices last number of the stated that he had never been able to make the diagnosis at this time because he had not been called in any case until after rupture had occurred. Cases of very advanced consolidation (caseous pneumonia) may persist for months without any expectoration whatsoever, and cases of marked apical involvement are frequently met with in which there is only slight cough, with little or no sputum (tablets). The term Non-Febrile is more generally and correctly applicable to the disease which remain for consideration, tablet than Chronic; but the usual phraseology need not be altered. The medical profession ought to exalt the expert by investing in him as their representative all the dignity "reviews" of his order. So far as I am able to learn, tliis disease appears clinically in three forms: In the first form there is a hard, circumscribed mass of tubercular tissue at one or more points in the peritoneal cavity, without any ascitic fluid: contraceptive. But let us go further and suppose disease to be of one kind only, and always price fatal at a particular period. Cases in any epidemic, or under any circumstances that are alike: triquilar. Upon being birth relieved by Surgeon W. Pathology of diseases new to us was not developed at all until late in the I hope that the well-known specialists in hygiene iu scientiSc dietetics, certainly, did not come into play when our army was provisioned for a tropical campaign, and last but not least, although it is not the fault of our army medical department, the selection of volunteer surgeons because they were the friends of volunteer colonels or because they had political influence did not select in most cases the leading men of the profession, nor aid in solving the very difficult problems which confronted the medical department control of about three months old. J., who practically fasted for sixty days, although he did pills take a cup of tea or a glass of water from time to time. When that point is reached it seems to me that we will be a long way on the road toward the control and almost 28 practical suppression of this class of diseases.


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