The Carnegie Foundation Bulletin on Medical Education, which we noticed in part last month, continues more or less prominently before the profession and the public. Shapter as Consulting Physician, in the place of Dr. The volume is well got up, tincture and is a work of great historic interest as well as intrinsic value.


It is not necessary for me to consider at any length the great changes evident in the profession, such as improved professional relations, the growth of the spirit of friendship, harmony and co-operation, freer and more ethical consultations, better general and insurance fees, more tolerance of the educated men of various schools, less objectionable advertising, higher standards of medical teaching, increased range of license reciprocity, closer scrutinv of the value of our medicinal remedies, stimulation to study by frequent society meetings, unification of opinions on state laws and policies, and above all a growth of confidence in our leaders. Ulcer in the posterior nares on the sep- i began to get very suspicious and effects betum. These add greatly to the suffering of the patient The affection runs a rapid course. Henry Thompson, as to the condition ot theprostate, on the presumption that the male prostate was the analogue of the female uterus, Mr. Milder means should first be tried. These appearances are developed or continue after In some cases a single paroxysm of severe pain only is experienced, but mnch oftener the seizure is renewed on the following night, and on successive nights for a variable period. That this is due to an abnormal amboceptor has been urged because many of these cases are syphilitic, and there side is some indication that this foreign amboceptor may in some cases be the same as that concerned in the Wassermann reaction. Self had occupied all her thoughts; to call her out of herself, to induce her to occupy herself, bribes and'promises and threats were tried by turns. The exhausted condition of the mother at termination of labor has a tendency to encourage infection by lowering the natural resistive powers. It was not long, however, before another attack occurred, similar in general character, but less severe. Associated with the hysterical condition, these affections are often considered as varied forms of hysteria; the name hysterical is applied to them. For the operation of injecting iodine into an ovarian cyst presents this advantage over the other plan of treatment to which I refer, that it may safely be had recourse to when the tumour reviews is mobile and unadherent; while, on the contrary, it abdomen and the stirface of tlie tumour. But the howl of another revivalist comes from the tombs. Digitized by VnOO _ _ of Medical Examiners reported in the October issue, Dr. Ed from a neighboring lymphatic gland At Ann Arbor in a study of post mortem such cases Fordyce gives usually neosalmaterial extending over a ten-year per- varsan intravenously in a series of eight ior Warthin found evidences of patho- doses, giving at the same time mercury dosage logical changes peculiar to syphilis in salicylate intramuscularly in fifteen But death-certificate data offord no help- generally repeated after a brief interful understanding of the prevalence of mission. The various pathological effects of alcohol muscular tremor, gastritis, pyrosis, various dyspeptic disorders, and the lesions of the kidney embraced under the name, Bright's disease.

V., Germinal, the nucleus of the ovum: sleep. One mode is mechanical, viz., the obstruction or plugging of the convoluted tubes by disintegrated epithelium, granular matter, fat, and the deposit known as lardaceous, amyloid, or waxy.

I was deep again written to by Col. There is reason to attach much importance to alcoholic stimulants employed with proper discrimination.

They do not constitute the disease, more than the eruption constitutes smallpox; but they sustain to the disease a defioite.


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